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Vlog. 6 – The Productivity Flucuation

Vlog number 6! This one was delayed for a number or reasons. I am taking anti depressants now because I hit rock bottom. But that’s okay, I am fine and keeping things moving. Even though I feel a little bit better and have my anxiety mostly under control, the medication has made me feel very […]

Vlog. 5

Hi everyone, I am happy to finally share this video! Thank you all for your questions, it was fun. I might make another one day. Have a great weekend everyone and thanks again for your support!

Vlog. 4

 Hey everyone, here is Vlog number 4! Sorry for taking so long to get a new video out, I took a little time out and then have been ill again! In this video I take a look at most of the artworks I created during 2017. I was going to do a whole wrap […]

Vlog. 3

Another week, another vlog, this one is a little late due to my indecision. I had so much to share, hours of content filmed but when it came to editing it, I realised I didn’t want to share certain things. I decided that the point of these vlog’s is to share new artwork and dreams, […]

Vlog. 2

Hey everyone, Another vlog is here! Next week I will have a very different video where I show you around my work space and explain my day to day working life. I don’t have very much new Art to share this week as I have either been ill and confined to my bed or away […]

Vlog. 1

Last year I had a huge urge to start a vlog but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. But now I am ready! ^_^ I filmed about 15 minutes worth of footage today and I have a cold so sorry for the sniff’s, throat clearing and quick cut style, I had to keep stopping […]

My Artistic Progression From Age 6 to 26!

My Artistic progression so far… I wanted to share my artistic development with you so you can a clearer image of the artist I am today. You can see it has taken years and years of work and growing as a person for my Art take it’s current form. Enjoy! Ages 6-9 I remember the […]

The animation e-course is live!

The animation e-course is now live! Discover how to bring your own artworks to life and how you can add a new dimension to your creative expression. It doesnt matter if you have no experience, this course was designed to take you from the basics and then gradually introduce you to a wide range of […]

Animation course coming soon!

I am pleased to announce that the animation e-course will be live next week! This is perfect for those of you who have wanted to bring your artworks to life. You will be able to give your art a new dimension with this course! Discover how to animate both flat and layered artworks, add special […]

New 4D animations in the works.

So my first experiments with 3D projection were a success, now that I understand the workflow I can create something much more refined! This is the start of me creating an Animated 3D version of my artwork ‘Creator of divine worlds’ I cant wait to share the results with you soon 🙂 digital art courses