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Da Vinci study No.1

The first of many Da Vinci studies, this was a 1-2 hour speed painting. I actually tried to apply a traditional approach to this piece. Instead of just choosing the colours I wanted from the colour picker, I tried first creating a rust red under-painting, then glazed the canvas with a deep yellow. It didn’t […]

Enfold theme review | my experience

Enfold theme review As a graphic designer I have always loved visually creating websites, but always felt uneasy when I tried approaching the coding side of web design.I had experimented with Adobe muse for a while which enabled me to build basic sites without coding, but they seriously lacked many basic features…so I moved to […]

Spirit of the oak

Spirit of the Oak. This piece was going to be the start of my first professional illustration gig….but I didn’t get in the end! It’s been a while since I have uploaded anything half finished. I am moving house this Friday so once I am settled I should be back with regular pieces and updates […]

Painting with the applydea maglus stylus

I love painting on my iPad thanks to the Applydea Maglus stylus, I have made many iPad paintings over the past year so I felt it would be a cool idea to share my painting process with you. Setting up my workstation So first I set up my iPad, I have the Pro Create app […]

Creativity: Navigating the Sacred Sphere

Creativity: Navigating the Sacred Sphere In the summer of 2013 I had the opportunity to attend a two weekend painting workshop held by artists Daniel Mirante and Judith Way. I had been seeking a teacher to introduce me to the basics of oil painting for a while now and realised this was my opportunity to […]

The Applydea Maglus stylus | an extended review.

I had written a review on an older model of the Applydea Maglus stylus in the past, but the stylus has gone through a few changes since then, this review covers a newer model of the stylus and its new features. The guys at Applydea were generous enough to send me a new shiny Applydea […]

Applydea maglus stylus review by a digital artist

Applydea maglus stylus review As a digital painter I was ecstatic to find out I could paint on the go with my Apple iPad; finger painting is fun but lacks the accuracy that a stylus provides, not to mention soon makes your screen really grubby. So looking for a solution to this, I found the […]