Vlog 8. My progression as an artist from age 6 to 26.

A new vlog where I discuss my artistic progression so far. It’s taken 20 years of work to get where I am now! Sorry for repeating “took it to a whole new level” I guess I was short for words at the time 😛 Thank you for watching, make sure you subscribe! http://www.digitalvisionaryart.co.uk/ If you can support my Patreon page it would mean the world to me and help me to keep creating this kind of content! https://www.patreon.com/louisdyer

Vlog 7. Pushing the boundaries

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Another vlog, this time I am talking about some of the good things I have done recently. If you can support my Patreon page it would mean the world to me and help me to keep creating this kind of content!


Vlog. 6 – The Productivity Flucuation

Vlog number 6! This one was delayed for a number or reasons. I am taking anti depressants now because I hit rock bottom. But that’s okay, I am fine and keeping things moving. Even though I feel a little bit better and have my anxiety mostly under control, the medication has made me feel very lethargic.

So I am sorry for sounding so depressed at the end, I didn’t realise it sounded that way as I was recording. I am positive for the future, I am so lucky, so grateful and determined to make the most of this experience ^_^

Vlog. 4

Hey everyone, here is Vlog number 4! Sorry for taking so long to get a new video out, I took a little time out and then have been ill again! In this video I take a look at most of the artworks I created during 2017. I was going to do a whole wrap up of the year and share some new year resolutions, but it feels a little late for that now! I think next week I will finally film the Q&A video so keep an eye out ^_^

Vlog. 3

Another week, another vlog, this one is a little late due to my indecision. I had so much to share, hours of content filmed but when it came to editing it, I realised I didn’t want to share certain things. I decided that the point of these vlog’s is to share new artwork and dreams, not drama and personal struggles.

You follow me because of my art, not because of my personal life. The two will of course bleed and blur into each other now and again, but the focus here is to stay positive, productive and to inspire. I am keeping diligent records of what I am going through right now and maybe it will be used in a different project in the future…or maybe not.

Anyway, next week I am still planning on doing the Q & A video, so if you have ever wanted to ask me anything, anything at all. Leave a comment and I will answer it in the next vlog! Thank you all!

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Vlog. 2

Hey everyone, Another vlog is here! Next week I will have a very different video where I show you around my work space and explain my day to day working life. I don’t have very much new Art to share this week as I have either been ill and confined to my bed or away and traveling for my work. Luckily I planned ahead for a topic to talk about. It’s a quick video explaining why I have created so little work in comparison to last year.

The truth is I have around 20-30 pieces in development, I am just finding it hard to complete any of them and I have figured out some reasons why. I used to be very prolific and create many speed painting pieces, I didn’t realise at the time that I was using this process as a form of therapy. I would always channel my feelings from that day, whether it was frustration, sadness or happiness into an artwork and that would make me feel better afterwards. And this is an approach I take a lot of the time when I am working on my Art.

I am more interested in expressing a feeling or an idea rather than focusing on bringing out the technical aspects of the piece. Sadly there is a time when you have to just sit there and grind to bring forward your best work, but it’s something that has not happened this year. On the plus side I have so many pieces backed up that when I do find the motivation….there is going to be so much to share with you guys.

Anyway! 2 weeks from now I plan to film a ‘Ask my anything’ type of video. It can be something fun, serious or anything you like. Now is your chance to get an answer, just leave a comment below and I will collect your questions ^_^

Vlog. 1

Last year I had a huge urge to start a vlog but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. But now I am ready! ^_^

I filmed about 15 minutes worth of footage today and I have a cold so sorry for the sniff’s, throat clearing and quick cut style, I had to keep stopping to cough or blow my nose…eww. I plan to wrap up everything that happens to me over the week or month (depending on how eventful it is) In this first video I explain and share some of my recent dreams, artworks and new directions I am taking in life.

I hope I have time to make one for next week or the week after.

Thank you for watching.