Vlog. 5

Hi everyone, I am happy to finally share this video! Thank you all for your questions, it was fun. I might make another one day. Have a great weekend everyone and thanks again for your support!

Vlog. 3

Another week, another vlog, this one is a little late due to my indecision. I had so much to share, hours of content filmed but when it came to editing it, I realised I didn’t want to share certain things. I decided that the point of these vlog’s is to share new artwork and dreams, not drama and personal struggles.

You follow me because of my art, not because of my personal life. The two will of course bleed and blur into each other now and again, but the focus here is to stay positive, productive and to inspire. I am keeping diligent records of what I am going through right now and maybe it will be used in a different project in the future…or maybe not.

Anyway, next week I am still planning on doing the Q & A video, so if you have ever wanted to ask me anything, anything at all. Leave a comment and I will answer it in the next vlog! Thank you all!

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Vlog. 2

Hey everyone, Another vlog is here! Next week I will have a very different video where I show you around my work space and explain my day to day working life. I don’t have very much new Art to share this week as I have either been ill and confined to my bed or away and traveling for my work. Luckily I planned ahead for a topic to talk about. It’s a quick video explaining why I have created so little work in comparison to last year.

The truth is I have around 20-30 pieces in development, I am just finding it hard to complete any of them and I have figured out some reasons why. I used to be very prolific and create many speed painting pieces, I didn’t realise at the time that I was using this process as a form of therapy. I would always channel my feelings from that day, whether it was frustration, sadness or happiness into an artwork and that would make me feel better afterwards. And this is an approach I take a lot of the time when I am working on my Art.

I am more interested in expressing a feeling or an idea rather than focusing on bringing out the technical aspects of the piece. Sadly there is a time when you have to just sit there and grind to bring forward your best work, but it’s something that has not happened this year. On the plus side I have so many pieces backed up that when I do find the motivation….there is going to be so much to share with you guys.

Anyway! 2 weeks from now I plan to film a ‘Ask my anything’ type of video. It can be something fun, serious or anything you like. Now is your chance to get an answer, just leave a comment below and I will collect your questions ^_^

Vlog. 1

Last year I had a huge urge to start a vlog but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. But now I am ready! ^_^

I filmed about 15 minutes worth of footage today and I have a cold so sorry for the sniff’s, throat clearing and quick cut style, I had to keep stopping to cough or blow my nose…eww. I plan to wrap up everything that happens to me over the week or month (depending on how eventful it is) In this first video I explain and share some of my recent dreams, artworks and new directions I am taking in life.

I hope I have time to make one for next week or the week after.

Thank you for watching.

Divination Animation Test

A quick animation test, this was created with a flat image, I could create something better with a layered psd file but I just wanted to have a play and see what happened.

I might experiment with some animation in the future 🙂

Song: Louise Louisa by Mew

Samus Aran Speed Painting

Samus Aran Art

So this started as a random speed painting, I took an old piece of mine to create a base and suddenly I saw Samus Aran appear!

This piece took 45 mins in total 🙂

If you would like to learn how to digitally paint check out my e-courses here that are currently half price!:


Watch me paint ‘New Spirit’

New spirit

New spirit

New spirit

A just under 2 hour speed painting. A company saw my speed painting videos and wanted me to film myself painting using their software!

More info soon, thanks for looking

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Painting with the applydea maglus stylus

I love painting on my iPad thanks to the Applydea Maglus stylus, I have made many iPad paintings over the past year so I felt it would be a cool idea to share my painting process with you.


Setting up my workstation

So first I set up my iPad, I have the Pro Create app launched and if I choose to have a reference (in this piece I do) I have that clear to see on my main monitor.

For this piece I have a strong idea of what I want to paint, its basically going to be my hand holding the Applydea Maglus stylus and it’s going to be very vibrant and colourful.

In my mind I am imagining a cool blue background with an intense yellow/pink/red glow surrounding the hand to draw attention to the stylus.


Laying down background colour and basic line art

When I start a painting I normally cover the canvas with the colours I plan to use, once the colours start to look right I begin sketching the outlines of my hand and the stylus.

The piece normally looks pretty rough as this point but it will be refined later, at this stage it’s important to just get the composition of the piece right.


Applying block colours and rough rendering

Once I am happy with the outline I start laying down block colours in the stylus and start shading areas of the hand to give it more depth.

During this stage I also add slight touches to the background and think about how I want it to react with main subject which in this case is the hand and stylus.


More rendering and detailing

The piece really starts to take shape now, the outline of the hand and stylus is much cleaner and the rendering is giving the piece some dimension.

Now that I can see the piece starting to form I can relax and just continue to render and add details such as the Maglus logo.


The final stages, cleaning up the piece and adding final rendering and details

The final and most favourite stage, now I am able to clean up and refine any area that looks a little sketchy. There is always a sense of relief once a piece has started to take shape and when I can see the final piece in my mind. It’s exciting to watch it gradually develop into a fully realised painting.

Once the final round of details, brightening and colour editing is done I consider the painting complete.

blog image

The completed piece!

So this was a general overview of my painting process, I may create a tutorial and a more in-depth process one day if there is any support for it.

I can highly recommend the Applydea Maglus stylus as fine tool to paint with, I have had a great year using the Maglus and plan to keep using it for the foreseeable future. For a more in depth look at the Maglus stylus you can read my  review here.

You can purchase the applydea maglus stylus here with 10% off

Thanks for reading and watching!


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