I recently was interviewed by the brilliant magazine Lucuma, a magazine about the new age lifestyle and the people who are surfing the waves of change! You can find more information and read Lucuma magazine online here
Where does your consciousness go when you are sleeping? Are those worlds in your dreams in fact more real than the waking world? Join us on a journey through the dream worlds – the astral realms!
Louis Dyer is stunningly talented young artist whose main inspiration comes from actual experiences of lucid dreams (where one becomes conscious in a dream and begins to control it) and astral projections (where ones astral self separates from the physical body and is free to explore the higher densities).

How did your astral journeys begin? Was it a sudden thing or did it gradually develop?

My astral travel experiences began once I bought my first book on the subject, I bought the book to learn astral projection techniques, and yet without performing any of the techniques in this book, I soon had my first astral experience. It’s interesting actually; from simply reading about astral projection and projecting my awareness to the subject it triggered my very own first astral projections.
37 all is infinite small

What is the difference between Lucid dreaming and Astral projection?

It’s hard to list and compare all the differences and similarities between the two, and if you asked a group of people, they will likely have more opinions than facts, so here are my own.
Personally when I am lucid dreaming I feel I have more control, I feel safe because I know my surroundings and events are created by myself. Almost like my dreams are just a movie I am creating and controlling inside my own cinema. There is also an all pervading feeling of no matter what happens I can control the dream events because they are enacting in my own self. Lucid dreaming to me feels very internal and holds very personal information.
My Astral projection experiences however have a much more psychical and external feel; there is a definite shift from an internal to external awareness. When lucid dreaming I feel inside my body, when astral projection I feel outside of my body. My Astral projections have often began with intense vibrations, loud sounds, strong sinking or elevating feelings, where as with lucid dreaming I rarely get such onset sensations. The differences and similarities are best known when experienced.
the chakras by louis dyer

Do you have a form/body in the astral realms or are you just consciousness?

I have seen the commonly reported ‘silver cord’ and seeing my own body in bed in a few astral projections. Once I have projected I sometimes see my arms and legs but often I am in a bodiless form.
Visionary art louis dyer

Do you think humanity can benefit from some sort of lucid dreaming practice?

I definitely believe Humanity can benefit from these consciousness expanding activities, anything that awakens an inner connection and thirst for understanding is a great thing. Getting to know your true self and experience such elevation and freedom is vital to becoming healthier and happier, which in turn helps you to project your wholeness onto others around you. I am not saying it’s a quick fix to heal the world, but it certainly would awaken so much of the potential that’s inside of us.

Do you have any tips for developing lucid dreaming or astral travel?

The biggest tips I can give is to be consistent with a dream and astral projection diary, perform state awareness tests daily and perform some kind of meditation before bed affirming your intentions and desire to lucid dream or astral project.
Make sure you are not straining or forcing yourself to much, its important to stay healthy and positive; there will be periods of time where you may need to rest.
I have found astral projecting to be draining if practiced to often, really take a look at how either practice would benefit you in the current moment, its important to find balance.
And the biggest tip I can give is to never be afraid, feel no fear!
intelligence7 with logolouis dyerlouis dyer

Does digital media help in capturing the images you see from the astral dream world?

For me digital media is the best format for capturing my visionary experiences.
The amount of imagery I see while in an altered state is best expressed digitally simply because of how quickly I can speed paint and build an image.
It’s more instantaneous than traditional painting. Also it’s more effective for accurately producing the intense aesthetic of light and geometric patterns that I often perceive.
11bshimmer peacockWise cosmic imprints

You are quite famous for speed painting, do you prefer working that way?

A lot of my digital work consists of speed paintings simply because of how often I see something that is relevant to express, it’s the best format to produce an image as fast as possible while the original experience is still fresh. I have found that I lose interest in working on a piece for a long period of time which would explain my lack of traditional work.
I love painting digitally, especially on such devices as the iPad because of its portability. For example I could be meditating, lucid dreaming or astral projecting and then within seconds of those experiences be painting on my iPad and immediately sharing my art with the world on my websites all from the comfort of my own bed!
Places-That-Dont-Exist plaguedbyimagesmeditations

Are there any other interesting scenes from the astral realms and encounters with entities that haven’t made it into your paintings that you would like to share?

I have had many visionary experiences that although burning with intensity have yet to make it into all of my paintings, ranging from pearlescent planets, beautiful star fields, god like glowing bodies, pictures of actual complete random paintings, countless faces and landscapes, strange unexplainable diagrams…the list could go on and on. It’s probably better to say that the magnitude of the visionary realm and the brilliance of its experience, like our imagination, is infinite and deserves our full exploration and expression!
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