March Lucid Dreams 2013-2014

21st March 2013

I had some super clear astral projections and lucid dreams.

I flew from my old house and ended up in an old town, I met Pablo Picasso, he was a hermit and an artist.

I met Da Vinci and saw a bunch of his artworks being created first hand, he was explaining why he uses oils. Something about each subsequent layer builds a complex mature aesthetic.  He told me that if I were to get one thing from this experience it would be this image…

He gave me a picture of Jesus with his spirit being lifted out of him. He then said the head of Zeus, the body of Jesus. I still don’t understand what this meant.

I then was flying around different landscapes and was so excited that I met a hero of mine.

26th March 2013

I have had some amazing dreams and astral projections lately, I may start keeping a diary again.

As I was waking up this morning I saw two people sat at a table writing/drawing and they happened to form a perfect skull. I also saw a beautiful bird with iridescent feathers dead on a chopping board hung on the wall….strange but amazing images!