5 reasons why you have not had a lucid dream yet

 5 reasons why you have not had a lucid dream yet


I sometimes get messages from people who ask for advice on the subject of lucid dreaming. After a number of discussions I was able to outline a number of reasons why people have trouble becoming lucid in their dreams.

1. You’re trying to hard

Yes believe it or not trying to hard can be counter productive when your learning to lucid dream. You could be overwhelming yourself with the pressure of becoming lucid which is causing you stress. If this sounds like you I recommend taking a step back and approach the subject more lightly. Make your attempts a little less serious and be more playful with your techniques. With relaxation and dedication you will see major breakthroughs.

2. You drink too much & sleep to little!

That is not an accusation of course but if you often drink too much alcohol or deprive yourself of sleep, over time you will find that you have less ability to dream and find it hard to recall most dreams.If this sounds like you try to implement lie-ins where possible, many intense lucid dreams can occur in the morning during times where you would normally be awake.

3. Your afraid

Although many people have used lucid dreams to conquer fears, some may find the prospect of lucid dream scary. Just remember that once your lucid you will have a clear sober state of mind in the dream, you will be able to control your thoughts, your actions and eventually the entire dream, so if things were getting out of control you could easily wake yourself up, or take the dream in a new direction and face your nightmare head on.

4. You are not stablising your dreams

Once you get that first taste of lucidity the moment can be so exciting that you suddenly you find yourself awake and the dream has ended. The trick to experiencing a quality lucid dream is keeping a level head and focused mind. Once you lose focus of the dream itself you will find yourself losing lucidity. I find that stimulating my dream senses, such as touching things and focusing on a particular object such as my hands raises my awareness during the dream. Your dreams will become more stable with practice and there are many great techniques out there to help you!

5. Lucid dreaming may not be for you right now.

Although I feel nearly everybody could benefit from lucid dreaming, you may find that it may not be for you. I have had periods where I have taken breaks from my experiments just because I lost motivation or was too busy concentrating on other things in my life.  Again remember there is no pressure, the skill will always be there to pick up on later if you feel the urge to start exploring again!

Thanks for reading let me know if any of these tips have helped!

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  1. LouaiB
    LouaiB says:

    For me it was defanetly trying too hard and getting frustrated/losing motivation. It took me 2 1/2 months to get my first LD.
    Very nice list. I would also say that inconfidence is also a factor sometimes, making it hard for ppl who aren’t sure of their LDing abilities.


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