Vlog 10. How I created The Creator of Divine Worlds

Vlog number 10! I have made it into double figures ^_^ I think I am getting close to over a 1000 views on my vlogs as well so that’s pretty cool. Next milestone is 10,000! I think this is my 3rd video I have created this week? I would like to keep creating 2 or 3 a week from now on. In this one I talk through some of the steps I used to create one of my best pieces of work.

You can see that it really did not begin as anything special. But with some hard work and experimentation I created something that took my standard of work to a new level ^_^ More to share soon! To learn how to create digital art check out my courses! http://www.digitalvisionaryart.co.uk/ If you can support my Patreon page it would mean the world to me and help me to keep creating this kind of content! https://www.patreon.com/louisdyer

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