Where am I ?


A speed painting piece illustrating something I experienced last night.

I found myself hearing voices again and whizzing around in blackness, I then smashed through an eye. I screamed and felt my awareness of my body disappear. I traveled through white rings of light with the thought ‘ I actually did it this time, I must have died’ I wasn’t afraid but did feel sad.

Out of the blackness came rows and rows of white energy. Equally spaced apart and almost elastic to touch. I said where am I? my voice was incredibly distorted.

I then realised I cant be dead and must be dreaming or astral projecting. I leave the white dots and float gently in the abyss, it felt warm and the vibrations were mild instead of the usual violent ‘tearing apart’ nature.

I managed to wake up several times but only to find myself in a dream/astral environment. I was incredibly lucid, I heard very faint banging and looked to the sky to see hundreds of meteorites exploding like fire works.

I started walking down my street and realised that the birds were all watching me, I was staring at crows, magpies and an exotic looking blue bird. I then started flying when packs of dogs started running towards me, I was afraid they might bite so to be safe I just flew as high as I could. I could see for miles, the backdrop of the sky was so striking I could have stared for hours smile emoticon

An interesting night!

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