Lucid Dreams During 2012-2013

Sadly I have lost or misplaced my notebooks from this era. I could only find two posts on social media about my dream life from this time. If I find my journals I will update this section!

June 2012

I’m sure hardly anyone on my friends list has experienced this but hopefully some have heard of it to point me in the right direction and give me a clue as to what is going on. I regularly lucid dream and astral project which is not unusual to me anymore, but the last few nights I keep experiencing something very strange. I’m in a total blackness or sometimes in a normal dream, I then hear heavenly music (each time at a different tone or pitch) I then am hurtling down geometric tunnels of light at scary speeds, my whole body is vibrating and making a sound of a jet engine ( this sounds like astral projection) but I don’t know why I keep hearing amazing music and going through tunnels, it feels too specific. Googling such experiences hasn’t led me to any answers. Two nights ago I  got to the end of one of the tunnels and found myself inside a pure white location, no objects, just pure white as far as I could see.

July 2012

I was at my old school which has a big field and a big bank/hill. I was climbing the hill and my Mum offered to pay me to go to a new higher castle next to the hill…instead of climbing it. So I ended up slipping down the hill and landing back on the field.

People were on the field and some people were holding iPads…I saw a person I knew and he told me there are no souvenirs of the big Ben in London… I started to walk towards the new higher castle, and I see my tutor Kamal at the front of a crowd leading to it. I walk into the castle and I am with 3 other people.

We are suddenly trapped in this new place together, we start ripping the walls and pipes looking for a way out. I find a big short tube leading to the outside, at first I cant fit through, I start to look around for places to get out. I turn around and the other people had fit through the first tube I found. I tried again and was now outside.

There were people now chasing us and there was a mound of mud which made it possible to jump over a fence, I got there first and jumped the fence, looked back and couldn’t see anyone anymore. I jumped from the fence to the building and scaled the building holding a huge vine/rope. I got to the top of the building and was starting to lose lucidity, I jumped from the building and landed in a beautiful pond which had plastic yellow DUCKS in it….

It seems, the money situation,moving to a new or better place, ipad, london, cyberduck company have all been included here….but I haven’t yet really tried to understand it yet.