Affiliates program launched!


Big news!

I have just opened an affiliate program for my website. What does this mean? Basically you can earn 25% of each sale you send my way.

So for example:

You register an affiliate account, once logged in you will find your unique affiliate URL/ID. Which should look something like:

You then make a Facebook post promoting my course and include your affiliate URL at the end. The interested person will click the URL. If the person then purchases an e-course from your link you will receive 25% of the sale.

So lets say you referred someone to buy the Master class e-course for £350, you will receive £87.50 (25%)

Simple as that! You will receive a confirmation email for each successful commission which can also be tracked in your account. Payments made on the last day of each month via Paypal.

So whether your already a student recommending me to others, or if you just want to earn some extra income create an affiliate account today
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