Angel in the void


Here is a sketch I made based on last nights experience. I dont really know how to clearly define what these events are, they happen when I sleep so they must be a type of dream where I end up somewhere deep in my subconscious.

I have realised I may be encountering my shadow side. I was not sure how it would present itself, but the combination of dense dark landscapes, intense and sometimes painful vibrations, screams, chants, voices, unfriendly characters and general madness have all been present. I have started to face this more and more and it has been really interesting…I just need to some source of outside info to help me put all this into some kind of perspective.

Anyways here was last nights event:

The first few experiences were pretty intense and mostly dark so they didn’t lead to much. However the final event was very nice. A beautiful, soft voiced, almost angelic woman started playing me a song once I answered her call from my phone. She took me deeper into darkness, I was slowly drifting downwards, I could hear voices. I started to see glass like coloured objects that were layered in interesting ways. I could see my hands in front of me and when I put them together in a prayer pose they would create a flash of blue. As if they were creating a spark. I felt intense magnetism and vibrations when I did this. I started to hear shamanic like drumming and just kept floating along in a meditative pose.

Thanks for looking/reading!

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