The animation e-course is live!

The animation e-course is now live!

Discover how to bring your own artworks to life and how you can add a new dimension to your creative expression.

It doesnt matter if you have no experience, this course was designed to take you from the basics and then gradually introduce you to a wide range of animation techniques to enable you create the best animations possible.

We will look at various workflows to create animation, ranging from using flat artworks, working with layered photoshop documents, using 3D layers and cameras and even 3D object animation.

I provide project files for each lesson so that you can follow along. You will get access to high resolution jpeg and png files, layered photoshop files, 3D objects and even audio files so that you can add music to your videos.

There are over 4 hours of video tutorials currently available and this will continue to grow over time. New videos focusing on 360 animations will be online soon!

So enrol now and start creating amazing animations today!

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