April Lucid Dreams During 2015

22nd April 2015

Last night I had a lot of dreams about finding precious stones, I was shown a number of strange beautiful crystals. For some reason tourmaline crystal kept making an appearance but I never got around to buying it.

15th April 2015

I had a great astral/dream experience the other night. It started out as a very negative experience, I was out of body and circling my body in a strange way. Basically I could see my room suspended in the abyss and I was like an electron whizzing around a nucleus.

During this phase I was hallucinating strange dream sequences where I was convinced I was already awake or that my partner could not wake me because I was too far gone.

In the end I relaxed and suddenly the environment sank, everything became very dark and silent and I was slowly falling downwards but was very lucid.

I started to reach my arms out and knew that if I concentrated on manifesting tactile sensations I could create something from the abyss.

I ended up feeling multiple books and pieces of paper, I concentrated on this feeling until I ended up clearly seeing and reading a book called ‘The Journey of souls’ The book was reflective and had hieroglyphic like markings all over it.

The abyss then faded I was now in a stable environment, I was on a staircase when two beings met me. One took the book from me and the other was basically a skeleton in red robes. Actually the whole place was very satanic, and as I climbed the stairs I realised that although I felt safe I may not be in a positive place.

When I got to the top room an entity was sat in the lotus position, he was bald and in orange robes. I sat opposite him and clearly said ‘Hello it’s nice to meet you, my name is Louis Dyer’

He then introduced himself as ‘Chy-yong-ge’ and looked to his left where I saw a strange painting of a goblin/cherub entity that shimmered in magic paint.

I then got overwhelmed by the clarity of the image and woke up, I wish I could go back and have a lucid conversation with this unconscious side of my self, it was very interesting to say the least.