August Lucid Dreams During 2010-2011

7th August 2010

I was running away from someone trying to kill me, I was suddenly in a cinema hall full of people and the killer was gone.

On the cinema screen were crazy scientific drawings off humans, signal beams coming from peoples temples (head) and a voiceover that said “never have we come this close”

Suddenly we all ran towards the screen but a powerful force was pushing us back, like a wind tunnel, I then focused my brain on not struggling against the force but instead jumping past it and being the first person to reach the screen.

I was the first to touch the other side and had a powerful warm feeling of enlightenment, the people were cheering.

The last part of my dream was me waiting in line to buy alcohol, but i couldn’t decide and the bottle tops kept falling off.

9th August 2010

I was in a field trying to unload a lorry, but a herd of pigs suddenly were trying to eat me.

I dreamt I was at a BBQ with friends and family, but I suddenly realised I lost £833 and only had £177’s for some reason, I tried to ring people to sort it out but nothing worked.

I was driving in a foreign country, I ended up walking along a trail that was in my recent holiday in France, I could feel the heat and could clearly see everything in detail , I came to a part where I could jump off the cliff into the sea ,but I was afraid of hitting the rocks .

10th August 2010

I was with some movie actor and we went to a random house, people were smoking weed, for some reason I got 2 big bags for free.

There was another murderer I was trying to escape from.

Before I woke up I was watching people play football, a tackle clean ripped a mans leg off, but he was happy about it. I woke up to the sounds of banging and shaking in my head.

12th August 2010

I was in a drive through MC Donalds for hours,this eventually turned into a nightclub in my town (C103) I was in a argument with a group of people.

I was driving through my area and I saw a car implanted with a bomb.

The weirdest part of my dream is waiting outside someones house, there was toilet paper all over the pavement/sidewalk, so I started to
break my nose to pour blood all over it.

I dreamt about collecting my book I ordered from amazon 2 weeks ago, in the dream the woman said it’s out of stock and she ordered a copy months ago.

I left my girlfriends,went home,checked my email and had one from amazon saying they had to cancel my order due to unknown shipping date

14th August 2010

I was in a strange rough neighborhood walking around.

I broke into a house, and it was as if I was the house owner and a burglar at the same time, so I guess I was breaking into my own house but didn’t realise it. The room was really strange…kinda messy with fruit peelings on the floor.
One room had blue and red lighting and looked so artistic…I took a few mental snap shots in my dream.

I was then in a weird town , I ran away from everything and turned a corner to smoke alone on some steps…people come to me and ask for a
light, a tanned long haired man stares directly at me and said everything will be alright.

The area turns into a nightclub some women walk past and sit/lay next to me and comfort me for some reason. Then one of them leaves and said
“hes really strange, I have heard hes really guilty.”

I meet an old friend from primary school, he doesn’t recognise me,  I give him a game show card…and he read out the clues to guess my name
he eventually got it right and collapsed.

15th August 2010

I was in an Asian country running from a man trying to capture me, I thought I had killed him at one point…but as I relaxed he was around the corner and had trapped me.

I was in a prison cell room, made from sand, I found a metal pole and used it to try and dig my way out but suddenly waves were slowly lapping at my window, they grew larger and larger, I could see through the water in detail looking at the flooded surroundings, eventually the waves crash through the windows and wash me away to the next part of the dream,but I can only remember up until this point.

16th August 2010

This dream was set pretty much in one neighborhood but it jumped around a lot, as if I already had planned a story in my head of what would happen.

I was staying with my girlfriends family, but the family were totally different and they had an amazingly huge house.

I saw a few ufo’s and felt shaking. For some reason I was looking into a gas station and suddenly saw some robbers pull out shotguns. My mother was in the store and laughing for some reason, I ran down the street and hid in a bush area. I looked up and stared at the sky and saw loads of stars moving, and then a huge satellite pass over my head.

Suddenly I wake up inside that dream and I am in my girlfriends huge house and asked what happened.

I walked outside and walked through a gas station and saw in detail a UFO fly past and crash around me, a rodent like alien came out and was attacking my hand, I pulled him off me and threw him into the gas station store were the robbery was taking place. I then run and hide in the same bush area, the robbers walk past and stop in line with me, they slowly turn to me and threaten me, the last thing I remember was running from a huge man randomly shooting the floor with a shotgun.

17th August 2010

I remember holding heroin and saying holding it is fine, at least i wont take any, then later instead I was taking crack and being a crack addict running away from the police.

I was walking around my grandmothers countryside woods/house and gardens.

19th August 2010

Parts of old dreams mixed with new, I was in a classroom that was floating, it came to a clearing where I could see a huge piece of floating land in front of me and I remember calling it heaven.

I was in France again diving into a 11 meter deep pool.

I had a dream maybe last year with me fighting a war on a uphill rainy trench surrounded by fire, I again dream of this location last night.

28th August 2010

I dreamt that I was at work and was sitting in the smoke room, I looked up at the sky and saw that seagulls were falling from the sky, which is weird since it’s always raining here, and seagulls always surround my work.

I was on a ferry, I found lots on Euros and English money outside on the boats deck, I picked it up as fast as I could, and walked away, a man comes up to me asking if I have seen any money laying around….I lie and say no, but he can sense I’m lying, I get worried…and the ship starts to rumble, it sank in the weirdest way. It span as if it was in a whirlpool then flipped upright, flinging me into the water, then toppled down on me.

When it hit a girl whispered to me to grab the ship as it hits me and push off as hard as I could, I did that and then the next thing I know
I’m a few miles out from the French boarder and can see lights on land, I was swimming towards it for ages before I couldn’t concentrate no more and woke up.

29th August 2010

It was almost like a film, I felt like I was dreaming for hours, a girl would climb up trees and release new born baby animals from their nests… Owls etc, but the setting was in a green magical forest.

She would then go home and always watch the sun go down, one day she let lose a nest of animals, that fell towards the floor but half way down came alive into a flying lizard animal with chainsaw hands they were coming at us and we had to make a decision, we took a random leap from the tree, and were flying for a while until I eventually hit a river, I swam with the current for a while.

Then something really weird happened, we were in an African Olympics….we were in a swimming down stream event and we came last, as this was going on I started to watch the other events.

31st August 2010

Dream was like a film, it had Ricky Gervais in it, I remember buying drugs and hiding them up my sleeve, I could physically feel it….but in real life, it was a crystal I had found while cleaning my room.

The next part of my dream was me at work…I’m not sure what was happening, but later on at one point I was playing Mario kart on an Xbox 360 …and my character took up the entire width of the track it’s speed was controlled by will power, the more I envisioned it winning, the faster it would go.