August Lucid Dreams During 2014

August 2014

A little doodle based on a dream I had the other week when we had the super moons!

I looked up in the sky and saw the moon, it had a huge hole in it and looked like a futuristic space craft. At one point in the dream people were standing outside and transferring their energy to the moon. I was hesitant to do the same, then I ended up in a room and on the TV the government was advising people to give their energy to the moon…..So this just made me even more hesitant and I came to the conclusion I would use my energy to heal myself rather than the moon.

August 2014

I have had such epic lucid dreams lately, after over 7 years of experimenting with lucid dreaming I am only NOW just tapping into something deep. It’s going to sound weird… in the past when lucid I would run of fly through my landscapes hoping to experience the biggest rush and find the coolest things but would just awaken when things got intense.

Lately I have stopped running and flying and have been walking very slowly, standing still and just siting in my lucid landscapes and I can not express how vivid and amazing this feels. Last night I was in a club, I interacted with people, evening had a few drinks. Then walked through onto a beach of golden sands. And I mean they were GOLDEN, and I could see each and every grain move as I walked through. I literately watched the sun set and at night I was swimming with Orca whales and was communicating with them so intensely.

What can you do….. when you know your dreaming and what your experiencing is infinitely better than ‘reality’ there is no reason to wake up anymore…. I have said this many times when lucid and have wished to die, just so that I can die consciously and happily. But it seems the wishes of a lucid dreamer has no real influence on the sleeping body. In my dream last night I didn’t wake up, I just kept on living within this dream until I was woken by noises in the waking world.

Over the past 7 years or so I keep achieving these insane highs within the lucid worlds, but when I awake I just feel the sharpest lows. Nothing can compare apart from creating art that expresses what I have witnessed and have gained from the experiences.