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My Artistic Progression From Age 6 to 26!

My Artistic progression so far… I wanted to share my artistic development with you so you can a clearer image of the artist I am today. You can see it has taken years and years of work and growing as a person for my Art take it’s current form. Enjoy! Ages 6-9 I remember the […]

The animation e-course is live!

The animation e-course is now live! Discover how to bring your own artworks to life and how you can add a new dimension to your creative expression. It doesnt matter if you have no experience, this course was designed to take you from the basics and then gradually introduce you to a wide range of […]

Animation course coming soon!

I am pleased to announce that the animation e-course will be live next week! This is perfect for those of you who have wanted to bring your artworks to life. You will be able to give your art a new dimension with this course! Discover how to animate both flat and layered artworks, add special […]

New 4D animations in the works.

So my first experiments with 3D projection were a success, now that I understand the workflow I can create something much more refined! This is the start of me creating an Animated 3D version of my artwork ‘Creator of divine worlds’ I cant wait to share the results with you soon 🙂 digital art courses

1 Year Master Class Membership Now Available!

You can now get access to my entire e-course collection for just $145 with the 1 year master class membership. Learn the basics of creating digital art, advanced digital art techniques, how to paint on the iPad and much much more.Plus get access to the latest material I am developing, including the re-creation of the […]

Galaxy stock imagery pack now available!

I am very happy to say that if you are a student on my advanced digital art course you can now download this awesome stock imagery pack containing 10 different galaxies! These can be downloaded from the brushes and stock imagery unit right now. If you are not a student but want to get access […]

New ipad e-course content now available!

I am delighted to announce that I have completely revamped my iPad digital painting e-course. I have added hours of new videos and these are filmed directly with screen capture software and with a new microphone (like the rest of my courses) So the audio and visual quality has greatly improved! There are some new […]