Visionary Digital Artist

Louis Dyer is a digital artist living in the UK, his artworks reflect his inspiring lucid dreams, meditation and astral journeys.

His artwork has been featured in magazines such as Digital Arts magazine, and are regularly shared around the internet.

The beginning
My love for art began at age 5, I witnessed a cousin drawing and was mesmerized by the magic of creation. I immediately started to do the same and painted what I loved, which at the time were cartoons, video game characters and nature. I dabbled in a number of mediums but mostly enjoyed simple pen,pencil, watercolors and paper. This love for art continued throughout my childhood.

The mental years
At the age of 16 I was going through a typical teenage depression and I really started to become aware of my existence and the horrible state that the world is in. I became very depressed and pleaded for my life to have meaning. At the peak of my misery I randomly started to lucid dream, these intense experiences became my muse and lead to a path of inner discovery.

These are what I would call my ‘mental’ years and for good reason, I had locked myself away in my room and deprived myself of sleep or comfort just to create a unstable reality. But I slowly started to heal myself through the ability to lucid dream and express myself through my art.

At this time I also started experimenting with digital software. Digital Art proved to be the medium best suited for my visions, I found an unmatched flexibility that replicated the freedom I found during my dream experiences.

The spiritual years

At the age of 18 things started to pick up pace. I started to meditate, practice OBE’s and positive affirmations, these charged my work with spirit and gave them new dimension. It was at this time where I decided painting was my path, I fell in love with artists such as Dali, Rembrandt and Da Vinci. I would say these were my spiritual years as I started contemplating my place on Earth and what my mission was. I came to the conclusion that I exist right now to inspire and heal others through my art.

The physical years
I continued to paint and record my dreams for years to come and at the age of 21 I suddenly discovered the Visionary Art movement. I felt such an affinity with the artists and artworks that captured the experiences of the other side,  creating this vivid document of the inner realms.

These were my psychical years, I started to become conscious of my state of being on a cellular level. I stopped abusing my body with lack of sleep, intoxication and junk food. I started a number of diets including fruitarianism, veganism and became vegetarian (The only one that has truly stuck!).  This experience however led to a new balance I had not thought possible, all aspects of life were being fulfilled and my work blossomed with a lively colorful style.

The present ( Perfecting my craft)
As I enter a new cycle at age 24 I am embarking on new adventures, certain life events had created a massive imbalance of emotional energy. But that had forced me to explore my mental states again. My dreams are still proving to be a constant source of inspiration, and I am taking care of my psychical self more than ever.

I am discovering the joys of perfecting and teaching my craft. I nearly have 400 students from 18 different countries on my online school, it’s an honor to share my experience with others and to see their own artworks and stories develop. Right now I am focusing on perfecting my craft, I want to create the best work possible and share my knowledge with others, I am excited to push the boundaries!

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Interviews and features

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