A collection of my lucid dreaming experiments and artworks that were inspired by them.

Dream breakthrough


I recently had a lucid dreaming breakthrough that I would like to share. I love flying in my lucid dreams and have been able to almost master control of myself.

But one problem I always had was that if I flew to high I would start to lose lucidity and wake myself up. But the other night I experienced something new, I started to fly away from my environment and up into the stars and like usual I felt lucidity slipping and I was going to wake up, but this time I put my hands out in
front of my dream body, my aim here was that I was able to focus on an object to not lose lucidity.

And for the first time I managed to stay completely lucid in ‘space’, I noticed the more I focused on my hands I would start to see a pin prick of light, after focusing on the light it started to become a portal and I could see a new dream location in the distance. So I now was able to fly through this blackness of space and into a new lucid dream. I have been able to do this 3 times this week already on separate nights. So I am hoping I have found a way method of keeping my lucidity when my flying starts to wake me up.

I am guessing this just comes down to stimulating your dream senses to keep you fixed in the lucid state. I know that in dreams where I interact with objects and can smell and taste things, the dreams are normally longer and much more stable. Anyway if your having a similar problem give it a shot!

Super moon


A little doodle based on a dream I had the other week when we had the super moons!

I looked up in the sky and saw the moon, it had a huge hole in it and looked like a futuristic space craft. At one point in the dream people were standing outside and transferring their energy to the moon. I was hesitant to do the same, then I ended up in a room and on the TV the government was advising people to give their energy to the moon…..So this just made me even more hesitant and I came to the conclusion I would use my energy to heal myself rather than the moon.

This probably has some relevance in my life right now but I don’t feel like analysing it tongue emoticon
Anyways this one will be added to my dream vault in my lucid dreaming e-course which is now free with every digital painting course of mine

Gods of gods


A sketch based on the lucid dream I had last night smile emoticon Would like to really work on this but I almost feel like I have gotten it out of my system already!

I was at a painting workshop with some of my painting heroes and was then shown into a library where a girl was introducing me to numerous epic paintings and a book called gifts from the gods. It was almost like a record of every god imagined…I wish I could remember the names of them. There was one particularly memorable image that had an inspiring colour scheme…I haven’t quite nailed it yet but will see what happens!

I have been a disconnected from my dreams for a while so it’s great to be reunited with that inner space again!


Where am I ?


A speed painting piece illustrating something I experienced last night.

I found myself hearing voices again and whizzing around in blackness, I then smashed through an eye. I screamed and felt my awareness of my body disappear. I traveled through white rings of light with the thought ‘ I actually did it this time, I must have died’ I wasn’t afraid but did feel sad.

Out of the blackness came rows and rows of white energy. Equally spaced apart and almost elastic to touch. I said where am I? my voice was incredibly distorted.

I then realised I cant be dead and must be dreaming or astral projecting. I leave the white dots and float gently in the abyss, it felt warm and the vibrations were mild instead of the usual violent ‘tearing apart’ nature.

I managed to wake up several times but only to find myself in a dream/astral environment. I was incredibly lucid, I heard very faint banging and looked to the sky to see hundreds of meteorites exploding like fire works.

I started walking down my street and realised that the birds were all watching me, I was staring at crows, magpies and an exotic looking blue bird. I then started flying when packs of dogs started running towards me, I was afraid they might bite so to be safe I just flew as high as I could. I could see for miles, the backdrop of the sky was so striking I could have stared for hours smile emoticon

An interesting night!

The Sacred


A sketch of an image I saw while falling asleep the other night….it had more people in the distance but I kinda like the guy being on his own. May take this further some day smile emoticon

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Universal love

universal love

Universal love

The other night I had a strange dream/astral experience, I found myself in a total black abyss screaming ‘I love you!’ over and over. The environment was totally black and very dense, I could feel it’s tremendous pressure and the vibrations were tearing me apart.

This piece is inspired from that odd event, although I would consider it a negative experience I managed to see it in a positive light while painting, so naturally the colours just got more and more intense and colourful!

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The void


The void

A 40 min sketch based on my dream experience last night. I was channeling my own lyrics from nowhere and created my own songs in tune with the rhythm from vibrations that I felt, but things got so intense…the vibrations became painful. I have realised fighting them only worsens the experience, but sometimes going along with them is beyond what I can handle.

With extended arms and all my strength I enter the void.
I escape the realms of information and light.
I felt the end but now see a new beginning.
Ready to face my conclusion, the final union.

When I sleep alone or sober I experience the most intense stuff!


Angel in the void


Here is a sketch I made based on last nights experience. I dont really know how to clearly define what these events are, they happen when I sleep so they must be a type of dream where I end up somewhere deep in my subconscious.

I have realised I may be encountering my shadow side. I was not sure how it would present itself, but the combination of dense dark landscapes, intense and sometimes painful vibrations, screams, chants, voices, unfriendly characters and general madness have all been present. I have started to face this more and more and it has been really interesting…I just need to some source of outside info to help me put all this into some kind of perspective.

Anyways here was last nights event:

The first few experiences were pretty intense and mostly dark so they didn’t lead to much. However the final event was very nice. A beautiful, soft voiced, almost angelic woman started playing me a song once I answered her call from my phone. She took me deeper into darkness, I was slowly drifting downwards, I could hear voices. I started to see glass like coloured objects that were layered in interesting ways. I could see my hands in front of me and when I put them together in a prayer pose they would create a flash of blue. As if they were creating a spark. I felt intense magnetism and vibrations when I did this. I started to hear shamanic like drumming and just kept floating along in a meditative pose.

Thanks for looking/reading!

6ft tall book


6ft tall book

This speed painting captures the moment in a dream where I encountered a 6ft tall book on William Blake. I was only semi lucid in this dream but still really wanted to open the book and look for some awesome illustrations. But I just couldn’t bend my mind enough to make it happen which was a little frustrating.

In my semi lucid state I thought I could not look through the book because I did not own it, so I asked the librarian how much it was and she said at least £1000, so again in my semi lucid state I just accepted the fact that I couldn’t afford it!
If I was lucid I would have been able to realise the whole situation is ridiculous, the library is not real and is open for me to explore for free!

But I still really like this dream because for me it holds so much mystery of ‘what could have been’

Pyramids of the future


This is a speed painting piece inspired by a hypnagogic visual that I saw just before I had a lucid dream. It was a very striking scene, some kind of futuristic pyramids with a galaxy back drop!

I am currently going through my recent dream journal and making speed paintings to add to the dream vault in my lucid dreaming for artists e-course!