Commission a bespoke portrait

It is not secret that I love to paint portraits, just take a look at my gallery! So I thought it would be a great to give you the opportunity to own a unique vibrant visionary portrait of yourself.

All you need to provide is a photo of yourself and some details such as your favourite colours and I will transform you into a colourful visionary being. Get in touch below to discuss your custom painting.

Look at these amazing styles I can paint for you!




I am currently offering two levels of portrait commissions.  For a £150 you will receive a stand alone bespoke portrait. For £200 you can request for a background or other objects to be included as seen in these examples. And for £350 you can commission a group portrait.

£150, portrait with simple background

£200, portrait with detailed background

£350, group portrait

+ optional print service

For an additional cost I can print, sign and send your portrait directly to you. Prints are available in 3 sizes A3, A2, & A1.
The artwork is printed on high quality 180gsm paper with a matte finish.

A3 Print – £35, A2 Print – £45, A1 Print – £55


Louis Dyer’s work is not only technically adept and aesthetically beautiful, but it also has a spiritual depth which permeates every image he produces. Drawing on lucid dreams, mysticism and psychedelia, Louis created a portrait of me based on a photograph. Now, I’m very in touch with my persona –  I shy away from nothing, not even those dark and scary bits which are a part of us all. Equally, I celebrate and honour the colourful eccentricities which comprise the lighter parts of myself. Louis has managed to extricate and re-present both halves, using self-assured strokes of colour which harken to a dynamic ‘dark night of the soul’ and embellishing the composition of the subject with patterns and textures.

Dana Fox, AlienFox Designs

“I am very pleased with the custom portrait of my late mother done by Louis Dyer.  I have received many wonderful reactions to it as it represents her perfectly. What an awesome tribute!  I would recommend Louis for custom portraits and I will most likely work with him again in the future.”

“Working with Louis was truly a pleasure. He not only created a masterpiece, which surpassed my expectations by a mile, but he was also very receptive to my feedback and willing to work with my requests. I could not be more happy with the result, and look forward to working with him again in the future!”

Working with Louis has been a really exciting experience. He’s very flexible, original and extremely skilled. We took weeks to perfect this picture and I couldn’t be happier with the final result. I’d definitely recommend Louis to everyone without hesitation.

If you’re wondering whether his work is worth the money, then you should know that Louis will work very hard to make the piece exactly what you want and more. If you want a stunning, original statement piece on your wall, you should stop wondering now and hire Louis because his talent is next to none. Thanks Louis!

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