December Lucid Dreams During 2011-2012

5th December 2010

I had a lucid dream and astral traveled twice for the first time last night.

One moment I was lying there thinking of random things, then it’s as if I could hear a radio show, I was laughing really hard at it for some reason, and then I thought when did I even put the show on, why isn’t my girlfriend hitting me for laughing so much? When I am meant to be sleeping. But there wasn’t even a radio show on, then all of a sudden I feel a huge rush.

As if something above me is pulling me up, my body starts vibrating so fast, I hear what sounds like a jet engine, as if my soul was getting ready for liftoff.
I start to see white and realise, I must be astral traveling for the first time, I know about the scary stuff you can experience to begin with so I remained calm, even though I could hear someone saying, “Hello Louis, I can see you Louis, I will eat you Louis!”

I did start to fear the talking in the end and I suddenly stopped rising out of my body.

I then was in a cloud of pure white; all I could see is a white orb. I had a feeling as if I was about to be judged by something powerful.

This made my heart beat fast, and I could feel my body calling me back, so I slowly drifted back.

The second time I started to astral travel was again weird and amazing but it didn’t last long. I was lying there thinking of random stuff and again it felt like my mind was pulled into a very strong current, I could hear ringing again like a jet engine and then insane body vibrations as if my soul was bouncing of my body and just wanted to get out. I then started to see white and could hear voices; nothing was directed at me this time though. It sounded like someone recorded an average day in a busy town. This was as far as I got because I was scared of going further. I am amazed I even experienced this much though, and on top of that I had probably the most vivid lucid dream too.

I remember at one part I was on an area of my city “The Hoe” it’s basically a huge slab of concrete next to the ocean, I went to a bathroom and suddenly everything became clear as day.

I walked outside the bathroom and could see tons of warships in the sea, which is weird, it felt like I was going back in time because my city was heavily bombed in WW2.

I then had a dream about astral traveling and the dream was directed at my fear of astral traveling then actually leaving my body forever and never
Able too get back to it.

I was in my room in the dark and was floating around, I kept saying to myself, go back, wake up go back wake up, I flew over my girlfriend and screamed,
She didn’t wake up, I pulled the duvet off and pushed the mattress, I realised then that I couldn’t wake my girlfriend in a dream or astral world, so I knew I was dreaming.

Once I became more relaxed I again became lucid.

It was an amazing dream; at first I was in a spaceship looking out the windows to see an amazing landscape, lots of meteorites in the sky. I wanted to fly out of the window and explore, I try to do this but I actually bump into the glass, I felt the glass with my hand and said, no….I am dreaming
I WILL pass through this, I want to fly.

I am now flying around, the landscape was half city half forest, I remember seeing a lot of green.

In one moment I was walking around the forest floor. I thought I could hear someone crying, but when I looked in the direction it was coming from, all I saw were two pigs.

The lucidity is so strong at this point, I sit down on the floor near the pigs. I pick up a stick and examine it, and can see just as much detail as I could in this waking life. I stare at my shoes to check for any traces of earthly matter such as mud and stones.

I see a shadow move in front of me, I realise it was one of the pigs and happily shout “Piggy!” as if I was seeing an old friend. The pig jumps and gets all excited it comes to me wagging its tail like a dog, I smooth it for a while then start to feel tired, the dream was fading from neon greens and yellows to black and grey

The place was getting dark. When it finally faded to black I woke up.

Allot of the times in these moments just before waking up, it felt as if I was already awake and was waiting for my soul to come back before I actually could open my eyes and awake in the real world.

So yea this was a very different night for me, I feel totally different today, as if for the first time in a long time, my spirit is inside my body,
It just feels like I am now contained but I have headaches and I feel abet nervous about something. I think i am having these experiences a lot more often now because I am meditating before bed. While I meditate I tell myself to have a lucid dream and really feel that I need to have one.

7th December 2010

I saw a really funny comedy sketch with Ricky and Julian from trailerparkboys in it, they had exaggerated and detailed faces like the do in spongebob, Ricky became rich for firing a bow and arrow he won £3000 pounds, he had to sign 3000 signatures but signed one and made a note saying he agreed
to the other 2999 at a later date.

8th December 2010

I was having a knives battle with an Asian guy, there was a big swimming pool between us, he was throwing knives at me so fast I felt lucky to be able to dodge or barely deflect them.

I told him I give up and to spare me, there were dead fish in the swimming pool, he walks to me laughing that I am giving up, but once hes close enough I run up to him, jump into the air and start punching his face, he seems to be defeatable after all. I woke up after that.

9th December 2010

I asked myself this question before bed and wrote it down into my dream journal book – What should I do next to generate myself some money ?

I’m not sure if i got an answer from this, I did dream about money at the very end of the night, it may have something to do with my graphic novel since I was planning to sell it for £2 pounds. Who knows?

There was a crazy man who was mishearing things and because of this was on a killing rampage. I was led to an underground room with a few people and there was just a bad vibe of death and murder here,the walls were glowing red.

I was at my old house, then my real dad turns up from no where with some other family who I rarely see.

This turns the house into a huge party full of people. In the craziness I find a friend, I say to him to come look at my latest work.

I start to fly and tell him to follow, I become lucid at this point, it felt as if there was a huge wind pushing me back so I had to plan my flight direction to always land against something that wouldn’t blow us away.

I end up in a big restaurant, some people from college were there smoking weed, I felt like I was chasing something or someone so I was rushing around the building, I wanted to get past the people at college several times but they always made it awkward for me.

I got sick of it and said to my girlfriend I want to leave, next thing I know she appears next to me outside a cash machine she gives me a huge £2 pound coin, the size of a dinner plate, I push the coin into the cash machine and receive 6 smaller coins that were then used as tokens to get out of this place.

10th December 2010

Before sleeping I asked if I should move abroad with my girlfriend or stay here in Plymouth.

I dreamt of me and my girlfriend walking down a road at night time, I was very drunk and floating around.

I see two frogs/hedgehogs in the road. The bigger one walks hops around and I laugh. It hops away and jumps over a fence. The very tiny one hops in circles, I think at this point my girlfriend had gone and I woke up.

I found this very interesting. It’s as if the frogs represent me and my girlfriend, she is older so she is the bigger frog that jumps over the fence (moves abroad without me) and I’m the smaller frog left behind running in circles.

12th December 2010

I asked my self a question before falling asleep again and again it was answered.

“what should I next do with my art”

I dreamt that I was at my old college and I was behind by 1 month on a entire module. The module was creating a graphic novel. It’s so weird that I was creating a graphic novel in real life but stopped it about a month ago and when I asked the dreamworld what should I do artistically, it told me I should carry on with my graphic novel. What is weirder is the fact that in the dreamworld I was also 1 month behind just like I am in the real world.

15th December 2010

I had a dream that I was walking around my huge art college, I was very happy and was connecting with everyone. I was walking around saying hi to people and I was just feeling very happy. I was then in a huge hall, it was a party or something, we were waiting for something to happen.

Then it becomes very quiet and someone says “It feels like the silence after a bomb has dropped” Then suddenly I see from a birds eye view a nuclear bomb explode.

People start to panic a little, but a man rises and says “follow me everyone, rise and follow me to the afterlife”.

The nuke starts to reach us, white was surrounding me but I couldn’t feel any pain from the bomb. I then ask myself “This cant be real ? Can it? Can I wake up?”

A voice then laughs and says “Yes” I now know I’m dreaming and try to wake up.

But I can still only see white, then suddenly black, in the blackness I saw white glowing circles come towards me, I was passing through them and they started to speed up. They became so fast that all I could see again is white. My body started to vibrate and I was traveling upwards, I was following a path of white dust/sparkles.

I became scared of how long it was taking. In my first astral projection the body vibrations were so intense, I was suddenly in the astral, but this time the vibrations were not as strong, so I think I had to slowly travel to the astral realm, but again I was overcome by fear.

I was scared in a way because the dream character said “follow me to the afterlife” so I thought for a second while rising out of my body, I must be dead.

This freaked me out so that’s why I made myself stop projecting.

I thanked myself to have another experience and fell back to sleep.

Looking back I’m a bit annoyed of how I get scared, but the astral projections come without any warning so they catch me off guard. Its amazing at first
it’s as if i can feel my mind pressure or…frequency or whatever you want to call it, I know how my mind feels when I am dreaming, and then as i start to
astral project, it’s as if I’m being pulled into a whirlpool, as if my mind is suddenly floating in the sea and all of a sudden gets sucked and pulled into place.
And once that happens the vibrations start, it really is an amazing experience.

I just need to overcome this fear of the unknown.

16th December 2010

I slept during the day and dreamt for only a few seconds…but it didn’t feel like i a dream, I was basically kneeling on my floor with one knee up and I was staring at my foot and the floor, I was paralysed in this position and couldn’t move,I felt an intense rush and….as if I was being crushed.

17th December 2010

All i remember now is seeing my next invoice bill for my website to come through tomorrow and then in the morning i woke up and checked my emails too see a new invoice bill for my website.

19th December 2010

I was on a beach and a huge tidal wave was coming towards me and my girlfriend. A man was also there and he said that he’s waiting for the wave, and that he has been waiting for this wave for years. I run away over a mountain of rocks as fast as I can. In another dream later I was walking into the sea and was swimming into big waves.

20th December 2010

Dreamt about France once again, I don’t know why I always dream of France….its strange. I was in a supermarket looking at computer games, I was then at a campsite that was near the sea and it had amazing scenery. There was a man and two kids on a beach, the kids were playing in the sea and the man was sunbathing, he said he couldn’t be any happier than this.

23rd December 2010

On this night I prayed to my self before bed and while meditating in bed that I would have a good dream or will have an astral projection.I felt confident that I would after saying this, I could feel that I would do it.

I dreamt about a man protesting about student fee’s, I walk out of my art college and he passes me, I shake his hand and say good luck, a huge crowd of people is behind him.

I am then running away from the police in a house for some reason, I let them catch me, they push my head to the ground and ask why have I been thinking the way I have the last couple of days, I say that I don’t know and how I just want to experience something meaningful, I told them I’m sick of the way things are and just want to leave.

As I say that I look down and as I do I feel my energy slot into place, I start to get sucked into a strong force and start to have an astral projection.

Again, like before I see white rings, I pass through them and as I do they speed up until I see white.

I felt something in my body turn over in my bed, I was sleeping on my back but it felt like I was now on my side, I start to see my bedroom but at a weird angle.

I see it from about 5 meters from where I was actually sleeping and see myself in bed next to my girlfriend, I hear her breathing.
I couldn’t control my astral body , it was just placed at an awkward angle across the room. Suddenly my perception changes from the otherside of the room and then back to my body and suddenly I was viewing the room with my real eyes, I had woke up.I felt like something in my heart and stomach was suddenly missing and everything in the room looked very soft/hazy.

I thanked myself for the experience.

31st December 2010

I can’t remember the whole dream, at one point I could hear a beautiful frequency in my head, as if I had earphones in but I didn’t.

I felt that because of the frequency I wouldn’t have any bad dreams anymore. I was walking through a very busy market and was judging everyone I walked past.

A man was running and turned into a cat.