December Lucid Dreams 2011-2012

7th December 2011

I dreamt again that an old relative died.

I was camping with Radiohead and they played a song by another band. The song is called Nervous by Mew.

I was suddenly in a night club and they were playing live, for some reason Danny Dyer was there.

8th December 2011

I was sleeping on a sheet of ice in the sea, there were fish and crabs underneath me. The ice melts and I fall into the sea.

The ice ends up falling into the sea and creates a trail leading towards some amazing jellyfish styled temples, the tentacles were like pillars.

The landscape was beautiful and futuristic.

15th December 2011

Dreamt about finding triangular mangoes.

I was lucid in the city and jumping from building to building, I saw a dragon in the distance.

In another dream there was a sniper and I had to keep running to ditches to avoid him.

I was in a nightclub and got into a fight, I ripped the door in half.

17th December 2011

I had an amazing lucid dream where I was with my girlfriend, we caught a ferry to go to a gig at my college. There were amazing views, I saw a toy helicopter being used to cut the grass, the particles of grass were flying all around and we decided to run up a large hill. We got to the top and looked back to see an amazing view of Plymouth.

22nd December 2011

Lots of lucid dreams, flying around my city. At one point I was walking around the streets and people would notice that I was lucid once I looked at them.

There was a guy across the street who was shouting Life is a dream! You are dreaming!

It was a lot of fun, I thought I should wake up and write this down, so I did but it turns out it was a false awakening.

Eventually I did wake up for real.

24th December 2011

I dreamt I was showcasing my artwork in a gallery on the Hoe. It was beautiful and I had work spread over several floors.

There was a lovely outside area with a pool and there were hummingbirds flying around.

I was walking around my city and thought this is rubbish, I want to go back to the gallery, I became lucid at this point and managed to make my way back!