Dream breakthrough


I recently had a lucid dreaming breakthrough that I would like to share. I love flying in my lucid dreams and have been able to almost master control of myself.

But one problem I always had was that if I flew to high I would start to lose lucidity and wake myself up. But the other night I experienced something new, I started to fly away from my environment and up into the stars and like usual I felt lucidity slipping and I was going to wake up, but this time I put my hands out in
front of my dream body, my aim here was that I was able to focus on an object to not lose lucidity.

And for the first time I managed to stay completely lucid in ‘space’, I noticed the more I focused on my hands I would start to see a pin prick of light, after focusing on the light it started to become a portal and I could see a new dream location in the distance. So I now was able to fly through this blackness of space and into a new lucid dream. I have been able to do this 3 times this week already on separate nights. So I am hoping I have found a way method of keeping my lucidity when my flying starts to wake me up.

I am guessing this just comes down to stimulating your dream senses to keep you fixed in the lucid state. I know that in dreams where I interact with objects and can smell and taste things, the dreams are normally longer and much more stable. Anyway if your having a similar problem give it a shot!

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