Experiments with 3D sculpting

I have been swamped with client work recently which has been one of the reasons why I have not been releasing many new paintings, plus in my spare time I have been exploring the world of 3D sculpting!

It’s been a really refreshing medium to dive into and I can see a huge potential to take my artwork to another level.
Here are some examples of some 3D sculpts I have created so far, they are not great but I am learning more and more everyday.

These have been created in a program called Z brush, it’s a little intimidating because it’s a huge program, it’s like my first time using Photoshop all over again!

On the flip side if you guys would love to get into this, there is a much more simpler FREE program called sculptris, it’s made by the same people of Z brush but contains much fewer features.

I actually have recently just filmed a half hour video introducing the program for students on my advanced digital art e-course.
I cover the basics of the program to get you started creating your own 3D sculptures, if you are interested check it out here!

3d atom 3d yeah 3d yeah2  dragon sculpt DRAGON latest sculpt SCULPT BUST sculpting2 sculpting3

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