February Lucid Dreams During 2015

15th February 2015

I had the best lucid conversation with my ‘shadow side’ last night. I was falling in darkness and could hear voices like always. But this time they were softer than usual. They did sound creepy to begin with….but were not threatening. First someone said ‘Are you listening?’ I said ‘Yes, tell me something’

We discussed the current direction of my artwork and how the darkness has been coming through more and more and how right now I need to focus more on building technical skill to be enable to properly render my experiences. I also need to read/learn more about the sub-unconscious to be able to put everything into some kind of ‘proper’ context. My lack of knowledge on subjects that fascinate me is no longer acceptable. If I am going to further explore these inner realms I should at least be better informed 🙂

This was one of those rare times where you suddenly receive good advice from yourself!

February 2015

This speed painting piece is inspired from a lucid/astral experience I had yesterday morning, I was floating in my room and noticed how the environment seemed to be underwater, I could see and breath perfectly and every so often sparks of light would appear out of nowhere. It was almost as if the air was textured with glitter and refraction’s of light.

I reached out to my water glass that was next to my bed, as I touched it I was being repelled by its energy, but once I focused harder I managed to touch it and then actually started to fuse my hand with the glass…which was fun!