Fractal dream process video

new video live

I had an intense astral/dream experience last night. I entered the usual dark space, felt the intense vibrations and could hear some angry chanting and shouting.

As I entered a whirling pool of light they stopped and I could hear deep drumming in the far distance. At one point I was upside down and felt like my head was an anchor and the rest of my body was trying to pull the opposite way. In the darkness I could see a bright pink/green star, my head was in such pain I was sure I was going to have a brain aneurysm or something. I relaxed and instantly the pain and fear went but it came creeping back until I managed to wake myself up.

Anyways on the subject of dreams I just narrated the creation process for my piece fractal dream. So this video is now live for students on the advanced digital art course!

Just look in the process video module. I feel good, this week I have filmed 40 or so minutes of process videos, I have more planned so stay tuned for more!

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