Give the gift of education!


My digital painting e-courses are currently half price! If you are struggling to find an interesting present why not give the gift of education this Christmas!

The first course: The essentials of digital painting, a course designed to introduce students to the world of digital painting. The student would need photoshop and a wacom graphics tablet to study this course.

The second course: Digital painting on the iPad
This course is perfect for people who would love to learn how to paint using their iPad device.

And the final course: Advanced digital painting. In this course I share my entire knowledge of creating digital art. You will learn advanced techniques and gain a deeper understanding of the digital painting process.

In a few months I will launch more courses/services as I head towards the 1st anniversary of the websites launch. By that time I should have at least 50 students who have signed up! Thank you all so much for the support 😀

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