July Lucid dreams 2011-2012

11th July 2011

Last night I had a number of semi lucid dreams, some were about skiing and sliding down a mountain.

In another dream I was walking through a white rabbit concentration camp or something, the place was littered with dead rabbits, some were alive and twitching , but they all looked ill. At one point I was walking down some stairs holding the stair rail and I realised I had put my fingers into a dead rabbits eye socket. I found one live rabbit down a long tunnel and made it follow me, but when I got it outside something picked it up and killed it.

I spoke to Robert (Thewaytome) inside of the dream and asked what this meant, he answered me but I have forgotten what he said.

So yea kinda a very strange dream , it was very vivid and…bleh.

12th July 2011

In last nights dream I was at a bar that had a cinema screen in it, I was with someone famous because he was in the film we were watching and for some reason at 40 minutes into the film he would get angry and we would get kicked out. Once we got kicked out I was suddenly on a go-kart driving around town with my friends , I became lucid at this point .

In another dream I was getting flashes of ancient paintings that looked amazing , I suddenly was in an Asian house and was showing an art dealer my big canvas painting, he said he would pay 150 for it but didn’t specify the exact amount.

13th July 2011

I dreamt that I was in a strange city, I was acting very drunk and was just throwing myself around like a rag doll which was fun.

I saw geometric patterns and swirls, I started to feel vibrations and was about to astral travel but I stopped myself, I was now on the floor, two people were above me on a tower, I imagined myself next to them and suddenly I was. They took me to a place called “Heaven inside a Heaven” In the place the walls were made of skin and they were breathing, when I touched the skin crystals came out. They were taken away and said they “Have important things to do upstairs”.

“heaven infinitely expanding at the same time and infinitely contracting, all that’s left is the observer..now”

14th July 2011

Last night I dreamt that I was in France for my birthday, I was on a beach and looked up to the sky and saw orange meteorites that started to fall, they fell onto the beach and when I looked closely they were fruits like mangoes etc. There were huge fruits on the beach that looked like shields , I picked up a watermelon and used it as a hat for protection.

I was then at a birthday meal in France still, my family and girlfriend were there and we were eating a lot of different food, my mum wanted to get Chinese food so me and my girlfriend went to get it.

We went into a strange Chinese house, it was a club / gangster hangout / fast food store. I saw a guy with a big diamond walk out and hide it in a bush, my girlfriend also saw this so she took it, she gave it to me and we had to run away.

I was then on my own in Japan walking without any shoes on, I saw my family in their van driving down the road and I was running to catch up with them but didn’t.

15th July 2011

I was in an aquarium watching a film with some people, I thought about what would happen if the glass broke, I’m looking around the flat and admiring things when all of a sudden the glass shatters.

We panic and run around the house closing doors behind us, we end up in the basement which is actually a big freezer. I realised someone was left upstairs so I went to get her, but suddenly I’m outside the house standing on a ledge of the window, looking inside the room i can see monkeys alligators and a tiger coming towards me. I watch them come for me and the tiger sinks its claws into my hand, I feel a bit of pain and think to myself I would rather jump of the ledge of the window and die than be eaten by animals, so I jump, hit the floor and wake up.

16th July 2011

Last night I dreamt that I was at work smoking salvia with friends. I don’t remember much after that, it seemed that smoking salvia in my dreams had a very powerful effect where the dream reality would overlap itself.

My dreams were suddenly simultaneously taking part in different scenes and locations. At one point I was watching the simpsons on my computer, the animation would constantly morph into something strange, whilst at the computer I looked down at my legs, one of them was now wooden and I removed it. I was then talking to Salvador Dali for a while, he spoke in Spanish but I understood it, he said something about not being the best Spanish artist and that master so and so was etc etc.

18th July 2011

Last night I had the perfect astral travel, when I say perfect I mean there was no fear or struggle, my mind was wandering and creating strange conversations and visions and then sudden I feel vibrations. I roll over in my bed to find myself looking at my sleeping body, I could feel waves of strong vibrations, I slipped downwards into darkness and said ” Great I’m going to the depths of hell huh ?” I then laughed and told myself to shut up or else it would happen.

My thoughts were so clear and vivid, it was the strongest lucidity I have had in the astral. As I kept slipping down further into darkness I heard drumming and ancient chanting. I tried to see something but couldn’t . I didn’t want to go any further due to boredness and woke myself up. However I did regret this while awake and wished I went further .

22nd July 2011

I dreamt I was in an alley way, a homeless man kicked a cat he told me he became homeless to avoid the new world order mind control system.

I walked up a stairwell to get away from him, the stairs crumpled and trapped me, the homeless man looked me dead in the eye and said” You know you will end up like me”

23rd July 2011

I had an astral travel experience, I was walking around my old school and could see the future of the current dream.

When I first go to sleep I always have a terrible dream or astral travel, my heart beats fast I cant breath and really struggle to wake myself up. I could see this happening in the current dream, but became lucid and decided to stop this from happening. I was excited and running around the school just to avoid facing pain. I started to astral travel and let myself drift. I banged into the walls and started laughing, I slipped under the fabric of the reality I was flying in , I was being pulled in different directions and woke up.

24th July 2011

I dreamt that I was homeless and living in a lift, I was drinking beer, every time I took a sip of beer the lift dropped and I laughed.

In another dream I was in an American mall, I looked around at lots of cool items then stood outside. A comet was coming towards the mall, I just watched it come, as it got closer I could see it was some kind of futuristic roller coaster, it crashed into the mall and flung around acting like a snake.

I didn’t want to ride it so I jumped in a plane that was in the parking lot, I watched the roller coaster redo its run, I started flying the plane around the car park.

25th July 2011

Last night I dreamt I was crossing a small river that lead to a waterfall, in the river there were really small platforms to jump on to stay out of the water.
I remember before I woke up I was pulling down my eyelids, they were dry and itchy and my eyeballs looked small.

26th July 2011

Last night I had the longest lucid dreams ever, they were perfectly vivid and I had full control. I was at my old house, dinner was being cooked, it was being cooked in the fridge though and the food looked very strange. I was drawing at the table, I stood up and looked over at my multiple pieces of art work in amazement.

Later that day I was in town buying a keyboard, as I was walking home with it two people pushing a pram were standing on the power lead of it on purpose to stop me from moving. My dad was with me and saw what was happening, he said he would take care of it.

Suddenly my dad throws a watermelon at the back of the two peoples leg, they run away but come back with guns to chase me and my dad.

We cleverly run around in a maze of streets and escape them. I see a house with a light on, I climb through the window and watch tv inside for ages. I decide to go to bed , my bedroom is crazy and full of strange things, a cat is lying on my bed but its fur looked like a comic strip. I started getting flashes of myself growing as an old man and dying, I wanted to see it, to see my face grow old and then die.

It was a very strange night ,the dreams were so detailed.

27th July 2011

Didn’t dream of anything exciting, dreamt I was at work with people I like and some people I don’t like. I was walking home and a person that I didn’t like was following me until I looked at him and he left. I thought I was awake and slowly opening my eyes, I saw a wasp and was scared of it it made me jump and made me actually wake up .

In another dream my parents were coming home from camping, I gave my dad some money for letting me come but he gave it back because I had worked in the previous dream….which was strange. I’m getting that a lot lately, dreams are starting to blend into one and dreams have a past and a certain kind of memory to them.

I then dreamt that I was driving home from that camping trip and a man was standing in the road, he had a huge gun…when I thought about him firing it, he did.

29th July 2011

I dreamt I was at a tarot card reading booth.

When the woman wasn’t there I made 2 prayers about being a successful artist.

I was with my girlfriend and we were trying to cross a bridge, we had to pay £47 to get pass the invisible force field. I said I wouldn’t pay it because it was a crazy high price, an old man comes down to try to play a game, he was drunk and was rambling on about 1783 or 1883.