July Lucid Dreams 2014-2015

July 2014

I just had the most intense experience of the ‘astral’ realm than I have for years. Due to some intense emotions going on right now…I guess it has stirred something back in me.

I was suddenly awake in this van that I am sleeping in and see my dog walking towards me and think how the hell did he get in…because he is in the house next door. Then I suddenly went out of body but my energy was so dark/twisted and powerful and it tried to fly to see my ex partner. But as I was leaving the van I shot back down into my mind and went through the usual tunnel of light at warp speed and ended up being shot between dimensions and could hear people calling my voice.

One of the dimensions was full of blue stars and the other was pitch black.

I found myself being pulled to black and then I was just floating in an abyss. I couldn’t see anything or visualise anything but what struck me was that my energy was so strong. When I put my hands together to pray I could feel intense magnetism and connectedness within myself…hmm cant think how to describe that right now….maybe a painting will help. Basically even though I was alone and in the dark I was calm and could see that everything would be fine.

I did cut the experience short though just because I didn’t want to be there while in this vulnerable state, but it was so hard to get back to waking consciousness. I remember on re-entry my breathing was out of sync slightly but came back in once I was fully awake.

July 2014

This is a speed painting piece inspired by a hypnagogic visual that I saw just before I had a lucid dream. It was a very striking scene, some kind of futuristic pyramids with a galaxy back drop!

24th July 2014

Last night I had intense & seemingly endless successions of lucid hallucinations, hypnagogia and OBE’s

For once I did not fight them to break myself from their trances. I listened to the voices in my head and although they can be startling and scary, I just let go and let them develop. One man was reading a poem I have never heard, something about keeping abused keeps him amused. I felt the psychical sensation of other people around me, resting their head against mine, pulling me away and launching me into the unknown. At one point a woman was telling me she loved me and to love myself while floating down an unknown tube.

After each phase I felt like my mind body and spirit was being charged with electric. It got the point where even when fully awake I just felt weightless, vacant but with one.

And today I feel very down, maybe a pendulum effect, swinging from the intense ‘highs’ and now I am swinging back down to a low . Still an interesting thing to experience.