June Lucid Dreams 2011-2012

1st June 2011

I dreamt that the UK and Japan were having awful storms, I saw lightning hitting the ground and starting fires.

My family was going on holiday to be safe, I hid under a car at first but decided to pack my bags and go with them.

4th June 2011

I had lot’s of false realities and false awakenings.

I was in a strange dream that kept morphing.

I think my Mum ran towards an escalator, as she ran further away she would get younger. The room then turned blue, I was walking towards the escalator but then the steps turned into a mirror. I flew towards it and said show me my biggest fear.

I didn’t get an instant response and I got scared so I said show me heaven instead.

In a way I was shown that fear is the greatest fear itself or perhaps my reflection was already what I am affraid of?

I dream that 420 people die on a plane that I was meant to be on.

I then had a lot of different dreams of people dying or getting murdered, it wasn’t fun.

Osho was dying and gave my girlfriend a book to give to me, as he did he sang her a song but I can’t remember the lyrics.

I saw a green and a yellow tree kissing each other.

6th June 2011

I saw an amazing night sky filled with galaxies, waves were coming from them.

I had more false awakenings where I was screaming so loud and could feel people trying to wake me up but it wasn’t working. It was like a false dream within a false dream.

8th June 2011

I was walking through the country side with my girlfriend, I found a black cat that let me to my Grandmas house but it looked like a grassy pyramid.

I was about to have a cup of tea with my Grandma but I told her I had to go because I had a nose bleed.

When I woke up my nose was bleeding, I must have felt it in the dream.

10th June 2011

I had more lucid dreams, I was flying around my home town again.

At one point I got lost and flew over a white futuristic bridge, I saw a girl on the bridge and waved and said hello, she waved and said hello back.

I had lot’s of dreams about confronting my anger.