Lucid Dreams 2017-2018

November 2017

I feel like I am losing my mind sometimes, last night I heard my wardrobe door open and I felt someone caressing my face. I wake up and the door is closed and no one is there.

I also had a super long psychedelic journey through multicoloured fractals. Similar to hypnagogic imagery, but in super crisp HD!

I felt so aware and in tune with something bigger than myself. It was similar to when you meditate and you get to that point where your consciousness seems to disappear, then there is the moment when it comes back and you find yourself in a super lucid inner visionary realm, where sound, vibration, colours, love and peace just flows straight through you! It’s like going home…

December 2017

A quick piece I created, its based on some cool remote viewing experiences earlier.

I was exhausted after an outpouring of emotional energy, I started to feel myself falling asleep and decided to chant the name of someone I used to be close to.

I traveled through layers of hypnagogic imagery, it twirled and spiraled forwards.

The lucidity came in waves, it would fade in and out and then eventually refocus stronger and stronger each time.

Eventually I could see a clear image. I ended up hovering above her in a room I have never been in, I recognised the duvet patterns. She was sat on the left side of the bed on her laptop.

I refocused, this time at a different angle, I scanned over the duvet and saw patterns and textures that were very familiar.

My focus started to slip and I found myself entering a dreamscape instead.

I had a series of light quick dreams. I became lucid and could feel myself coming back.

My vision and consciousness disappeared but then came back again stronger than before.

I ended up in my own room, I saw myself sleeping in my bed, completely wrapped under my duvet like a cocoon.

I saw my laptop open and the red back lights of the keyboard and thought, ah damn it cant be true because I closed my laptop before my nap.

But when I woke up, I found out I actually didn’t shut it and the laptop was open with the red lights on the keyboard!

My forehead was pulsating, I could feel it beating.

The whole experience only took 10 to 15 minutes!