Lucuma magazine #6 interview

So what have you been up to since we last spoke to you?

I have been deepening my experiments with digital art, expanding my skills and trying to take my work to new places. One of my realisations right now is that I want my artwork to start containing inspiring messages that facilitate positive self development. I have an idea for a series of work that focuses on many things such as diet, meditation, dream exploration, taking up art forms etc. The idea is to create pieces that show the positive effects of making small changes in our lives and the positive effect it has on an individual and consequently the world. Becoming a vegetarian/vegan made a huge difference in my life for the better, it has increased my health and happiness beyond what I thought possible and in a small way made a difference to the planet. I have also been working with some of my idols and learning how to paint with oils in the mische technique, it has been such a rewarding experience so far and I expect to be producing some original oil paintings soon. And for the future I am starting to plan some digital painting classes, it will be amazing to pass on my skills to others who are looking to create.

Have you had any more developments with your lucid dreaming and astral experiences?

My Astral and Lucid dreams have taken more of a back seat in my life at the moment, I get a few awesome experiences now and again but they are no longer informing my work directly. Of course alot of my dream and astral expeirences are still being shown through my work as its an influecne I will never shake off. But I am trying to base my work on new inspirations for now. Although I have to say my dream and astral experiences keep getting stronger and provide a boost of inspiration when I am needing it the most.

The other side which was featured on the cover of issue #2 was our most popular to date, what are your memories of this painting?

The other side was a very meaningful painting, I received it while I was still working in a factory and before I had the freedom of living as a creative freelancer, I saw the image so strongly in my mind and knew I had to bring it into existence. The piece came together really fast it must have only taken 8-10 hours total. The piece at the time was a revelation and a notable step up in my ability. The pose is slightly meditative and open, but there is a hidden frustration behind the piece because of my life situation at the time, the person looks almost shackled to the floor and looking upwards for hope. I didn’t see this at the time of creation as I was too into the creative process, but reflecting on it now has revealed this new information. I have heard many times that a musicians best pieces just flow to them and they know whether its going to be a hit or well received, this piece is a visual example of that, I had a similar certainty that this piece would stand as a landmark for me. I am just really glad that it was so well received and has been viewed by a large audience!

Do you feel plugged-in to a higher force when creating?

There are many feelings I go through when creating and there is definatly a sense of plugging in or tuning into something special. It feels like a blend between plugging into something which is higher and greater than myself while also tuning deep within myself to reach this optimal state of mind to bring forth my art. When I start a piece I can often feel anxious or excited because I have a certain level of expectation for myself. Once the base image is down I relax and find myself in a timeless trance, it feels automatic, an effortless process of expressing all I have learnt throughout my development. And finally as the piece emerges and starts to shine through it really becomes a deep loving mediative process, it’s almost like having an epic visionary journey where in the end you thank yourself, the substance or something higher for the experience.
For me its becoming a loving process that carefully crafts a lasting artifact to share with the world.