March Lucid Dreams During 2011-2012

4th March 2011

I had dreams about seeing a lot of UFOs, one of them tried to catch me.

6th March 2011

When I woke up I heard someone say “I am your child” but it was all fractalised and distorted as if it was from the future!

I became lucid in a nightclub but not much happened.

I had a dream about Superman and seals, for some reason seal murder was legal and they were being placed on a train track to get squashed.

8th March 2011

I had more dreams about UFO’s, smoking with my friend.

I think I ended up smoking a caterpillar at one point.

9th March 2011

Dreamt that I was driving in a tropical paradise, I could feel the warmth of the sun.

I was at my girlfriends landlady’s house and I had holes in my teeth, I think they were fillings.

12th March 2011

I had a bunch of lucid dreams of myself in France, I was in a swimming pool and there was seaweed in it.

I was flying around the Hoe and realised that to stay lucid I need to keep looking around at my surroundings.

I nearly astral traveled, I felt a bunch of vibrations but could not leave my body.

I was in a trance and saw people selling a book called “It’s easy to astral travel”

15th March 2011

Before bed I wrote a note saying that I will not be afraid anymore when things start to get intense and I feel myself going out of body.

That night I felt aware of my body, I was lifted up by my legs first which felt uncomfortable.

I saw myself in a tunnel that was filled with patterns and yellow hoops that surrounded my body.

It was very geometric and as the experience became more intense I could hear strange frequencies.

18th March 2011

I dreamt I was in a strange town, I bought a paper to get a free chocolate bar, I also helped a woman do the same.

For doing this I got given a poster of an event from the night before.

I was lying on the floor and taking drugs with my inner self, it was like a clone of myself sitting in front of me.

I used him as a reference to draw myself. I dreamt something about being friends with an alien.

I said to my girlfriend that I liked this town.

I dreamt that the bottom of England was going to get frozen this winter.

20th March 2011

I dreamt about global flooding.

I was in a French supermarket and was flying around. I flew to the roof and dropped something in a swimmingpool. I then dove into the water to get it back.

26th March 2011

A frog was giving birth to a super tiny one and then suddenly a big alien.

I was outside and saw that the date was the 13th of September 2014. There were several moons visible in the purple sky. It was the end of the world and there were huge waves destroying everything.