New e-course ‘how to’ video series has just launched!

how to course launched

The ‘how to’ video e-course is now live! In this e-course I cover a variety of subjects such as human anatomy, animals, landscapes, sacred geometry, psychedelic lighting effects and much more!

If you want to learn how to create specific effects or objects you have seen in my artworks this is the course for you!

Most videos also include downloadable project files and stock imagery to help your creative process.
There are currently 14 step by step videos live, with another 18 in development. Here are some examples of some upcoming content:

Peacock feathers
Facial construction
Skin textures

The course is currently £45, one time payment for a lifetime access to all the videos and any future material I develop.

To find out more and to take a look at the content I already have available click the link below!

ALSO current and future students on my advanced and essentials digital art courses will get access for FREE!

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