New e-courses in development!


I am just about ready to release my free e-course, an introduction to digital art. It explains the digital medium and gives you a quick introduction to Photoshop. I am also throwing in a free pack of stock imagery and custom Photoshop brushes for you to experiment with.

I have a ton of client work but I am pushing to get it released this week so keep an eye out 🙂

Also once that course is released I will be adding new material to the advanced and essentials course. I am also thinking of re shooting my iPad course this year.

And finally I will be recording audio for a new course soon which focuses on more than just teaching you how to create digital art. I share everything I have picked up so far on how to actually make a good living from your art.

It’s a tricky thing to write for but I know I have a ton of experience to share and some of it could be a huge help to some of you.

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