I started re-filming content for my iPad painting e-course. The original is 2 years old now so the app has changed a bit since then, plus at the time my mic was not very good and I had to use a camera to film the iPad screen…rather than using screen capture software like I normally use.

But now I have a screen recorder app for the ipad and a new mic so the visual and audio quality is much much better, plus I have been experimenting with new ways to use the iPad in the creative workflow so the overal content of the course will be revamped and extended!

In this snapshot from a new lesson I am using pen and penicl sketches I had created in the past as a base to paint upon.

It has been a lot of fun! I hope to release the new course within a few weeks.

If your already a student on the iPad course, you will get access to these new videos automatically!