NFT’s and the Artwork of Louis Dyer

So by now you must be aware of NFT’s and the buzz they have been generating.

From what I can see this is a great new opportunity, I have applied with nifty gateway and superrare and a few others. While I wait I have decided to test the waters at opensea, only there will you be able to find official NFT’s of my artwork!

How I am currently offering my NFT’s

As my understanding of this new environment expands I am starting to see more and more possibilities and applications for NFT’s.

With that being said I want to make it clear on the approaches I am currently taking when it comes to creating and releasing NFT’s.

The Premium Gallery Collection

I have been putting my main focus on creating a special ‘Premium Gallery Collection’. In this collection I am taking the best of my existing artworks, animating them, placing them behind a designed golden gallery frame and then finished with a hypnotic background. These 10-20 second high quality video files are 1/1 editions and are collectable. I think seeing them all together is a pretty striking way to experience my work!

Original Art

I know a lot of artists are selling the original jpegs of their work, I have gone back and forth on this and decided to test the waters with 1 piece for now. I would rather a big NFT distributor get in touch and together we work out the best way to release my catalogue of work (If you happen to be one, send me an email or message on social media!)

Another possible avenue I am looking at is creating holographic cards or objects of some kind, the possibilities really are endless!