November Lucid Dreams 2010-2011

5th November 2010

At Brighton on Halloween, on my own, in a church, went to a bar, was alone.
Wandering streets alone.

7th November 2010

Had a lucid dream, I was in a hall of people again, someone was making a disturbance, people were trying to fight the man, I went over and sorted it out

Then I was on a wild chase, seeking for him as he ran away, my vision was directed by feeling, and green arrows pointing me where I should go.
While I was running I became lucid, I was running in a mall and got frustrated, I realised lately I have realised I am dreaming every night
which would make me be able to control my actions, but I haven’t been able to do this lately. I now have a firm grip of reality to be able to now recognise
the dream reality. But I am having trouble concentrating on controlling the dreams.

I went to a games shop in the dream, the games were priced by there fps value, like 60fps-30 etc

I said to my girlfriend in the dream, I am annoyed that I cant control my dreams, she says no one wants to here about a dream that is up and down and choppy and random she said it needs to be a smooth line, I am guessing she means I need direction…I need a motive to be in a dream.

Its pretty cool that she told me that whilst I was dreaming, I guess it was just my brains way of…expressing what I knew, but putting the info in the hands of someone I trust to actually confirm my thoughts.

12th November 2010

I had weird lucid dreams,  I knew I was lucid and realised that to stay lucid I cant focus on one thing to much else the lucidity fades, so what I did was look everywhere I possibly could to keep the buzz of lucidity working. I cant really remember what I dreamt or where I was.

16th November 2010

The most amazing computer generated video ever, it was a sonic game, playing heavenly music which was in perfect time with every action.

Trying to buy drugs, a person gave me a bag of odd looking stuff, but when I opened the bag the drugs where actually tape measures. I fall asleep within a dream and I become an epic old Asian robot man, he looked like an old Asian superhero I saw in a dream once.

He was as big as a skyscraper and crashed into a lake that had a whirlpool/wormhole.

It felt like I was the robot guy , and I was holding my breath, and drowning, I realised it was a dream within a dream so I awoke from it, but then realised I was dreaming again and kept waking up until I woke up at a swimming pool, I was dressed in a Buddhist robe and was very happy and calm.

I was in a lake and my girlfriend was half human half crocodile, she was giving birth, the water turned to sea water and it was now a big tropical location.

I was a camera man filming, the water was freezing, someone said lets get out, and said I cant believe we were born in water.

My girlfriend was left out in the water, she was far away, I was scanning the landscape and was happy because it was sunny and beautiful. It was a weird kill a Goth day, me and some people walked through a park and were killing people who we thought were faking their identity I ended up walking away and went into a strange pub.

18th November 2010

Talked to an old man, he said “Let people do what they want, I did what I want and have had a great life, just be free.”

I was at my old college but wasn’t really welcome, I sneaked into the class to retrieve my old Art work I looked through old work files and saw an essay I wrote before, the teacher had written words to describe my art, but I have forgotten them now.

19th November 2010

Stealing sweets from a house, I couldn’t move, I became lucid and started spinning, but instead of creating a dream I woke up. Dreamt about living on a first floor of an old college building, lying in bed with a laptop. Something about giving up smoking is good for the legs.

20th November 2010

I was Bart Simpson being sniped at. I was at a fun fair then a house with characters from a TV show in it.

I stuck my head around a corner, and thugs went crazy on me, but I turned away and they were gone, they later saw me and where friendly but then started to get angry, I became lucid and controlled them and made them my friends.

21st November 2010

I made contact with the blue whales, I was swimming with them and they told me that they were the thinkers of the sea!

In a tunneled underground passage with girlfriend, an old tramp crawls towards us in the distance, as he gets closer he turns into a friendly looking animal.

The animal hated noises, so I try to scream to make him leave, I only manage it once, but then he jumps on me and I wake up.

I was in a shootout in a kitchen with some children, I realise they are only bb guns, so I walk up to them and throw fruit at them.

Walking up an alley, it gets steeper and steeper, next thing I know I’m mountain climbing up the alley and am upside down holding on as much as I can.

24th November 2010

Had a very cool strong lucid dream, it was triggered by intense fear…..just like my strongest lucid dream ever was…its as if the fear properly wakes me up and makes me aware while sleeping.

Anyway, I remember being in a dark supermarket entrance with my girlfriend, we were scared of an old lady trying to kill us. She killed my girlfriend, and then the old lady was suddenly a green rotting corpse on the floor, I kicked her as hard as I could a few times and slowly turned around feeling bad.

Once I turned around i was now in my dining room, I sat at the table and looked out the window, the window was glowing orange/gold/amber..and that’s when I realised I was dreaming, so I wanted to fly, I started to drift out the window, once outside I felt a huge rush.

I started flying really high and I said to myself….”I could fly to the outer edges of the galaxy if I want too”

But I didn’t, I was kinda scared and didn’t feel ready. I was scared that I would lose lucidity if I did fly to high, and I didn’t want that because I treasure being lucid so much.

I was also scared of the unexpected, it felt like a big deal at the time…but that’s something I can work up to.

So instead I was flying around my city, perfectly aware of my actions and surroundings, it felt as if I was better at flying now, because I’ve done it a few times,it felt so easy.
The ending of the dream was kind off weird and a bit sad, I saw my family for a brief second, and as I turned away to fly I heard my mum say she will miss me. I slowly flew away…and suddenly felt really empty.

26th November 2010

Had another lucid dream, I was in a car and was taken to a castle, it was snowing. The castle suddenly turned into my grandparents house.

I realised I was dreaming and all of a sudden the house was in the sky and I was flying below it. I could see the patterns of the wind movements, almost like cartoon lines showing the direction of movement.

In the next part of the dream I was flying outside my house, it was night again….I peered in through my kitchen window I saw my family walk in one by one, I was floating outside the window, and I said that I missed them all. They looked ill and old…it was just weird.

Another part of that dream I was laying in the snow on a hill, I looked up towards the top of the hill and suddenly furniture started tumbling towards me.

28th November 2010

Had another lucid dream , I was kinda awake…but I felt as if I was present in a black abyss. I suddenly concentrated hard on staying aware, I made a floor appear beneath me. I painted the landscape with my mind. I flew around for a while until the dream got too intense.

29th November 2010

Had another lucid dream again, I was in an alley way wearing a suit full of cameras , I said it’s just so the government can create a false reality so we wont hurt ourselves but they actually are keeping an eye on us. I Started running through my city and when I arrived at the mall I started to fly and look around the shops.