November Lucid Dreams 2011-2012

2nd November 2011

I dreamt about getting free money from a cash machine, I think it was £5 but then after I was charged £100 for stealing!

4th November 2011

I had so many lucid dreams but nothing interested happened, I was just chilling with my girlfriend.

I saw my family and she gave my mum 4 copies of a book. My Dad had a book called the secret teachings of all time.

7th November 2011

I had beautiful lucid dreams, I was flying through woods and over lakes and could see hummingbirds.

I could control exactly how fast and high I needed to fly, it felt like I unlocked a new level of control.

15h November 2011

I was walking around my old neighborhood and there was a crazy dog trying to bite me.

When I just let him do it, it would always be fine. I walked through some of the rough houses and there were dead exotic animals everywhere.

16th November 2011

Dreamt that my Dad was in a coma during a zombie apocalypse (walking dead much!?) I hugged him and he woke up but still kept on smoking.

I was in France and walking around markets close to the blue sea.

Dad gave me his Rolex.

17th November 2011

I saw a bunch of my family, my auntie had two new boys, one had tattoos all over his neck and in his eye.

In another dream I saw heaven and was taking pictures of it. I also used my phone to take a picture of my eye.

18th November 2011

I dreamt I had bought so many amazing clothes. I had lucid dreams of me flying around in deep blue skies, I could feel the warmth of the sun!

I also met an old man artist.

23rd November 2011

Dreamt of being in a jungle that was flooded. I saw dead tiger cubs floating by.

I was walking through the river and this strange crab attacked me. It had two big hooks for claws and hooked itself through my wrist.

I could feel the pain and tried to get it off but it was fighting back.

24th November 2011

More lucid dreams of me running around, running definitely helps trigger lucid dreams in my experience.

I was in a beautiful world where everything was colorful and healing.