November Lucid Dreams During 2018

17th November 2018

So before I go to sleep I meditate to help me ease into a lucid state of mind and sometimes bright images appear in my vision out of nowhere. Most of them disappear quickly or I end up forgetting them. It’s a balancing act of being aware enough to notice the images but not overly aware to break the spell. Last night I caught a glimpse of a golden face surrounded by purple jewels. It was shining and burning so bright and I couldn’t turn away.

I had to create this today, just to get it out of my system and I guess it’s a way of honoring the experience.

27th November 2018

Healing hand.

Last night I had some epic dream experiences. So first I set an intention to meet a friend at a museum on an alien planet, sadly it didn’t quite pan out. I ran out of time!

So I woke up early around 6am and felt broken hearted, I have reflected on it all day and think because the previous dream I had was sad. Basically these Tiger Bunny hybrids were being swept up to be killed for their fur. So seeing these fluffy tiny tiger rabbits get hurt wasn’t fun.

Tigers are my favourite animal, they have the a crazy mixture of power, beauty and speed.

Anyway I went back to sleep and ended up in a black energetic realm…I could feel my energy all over the place again. Especially my heart that was now hurting even more. I felt a hand around me and I knew someone was there. I could have met it with fear and the feelings would have gotten worse, I know that for sure. But instead I stayed calm and said “I love you”
A female voice that I didn’t recognise said she loved me back, at this point I could feel her moving through my chest to settle the pain. She fixed me, I said thank you and rested in the darkness before waking up again.

My heart and energy felt so much better when I woke up, I was happy. Now I wanted to have a lucid dream so I could meet my friend. I fell asleep and dreamt that I was in my flat but it was snowing inside! This triggered my lucid state. I now thought how am I going to travel to an alien museum. I ran to my shower and commanded that when I turn the shower on and close my eyes, when I open them in will be there!

Sadly when i closed my eyes and opened them again I was still in the shower but now in complete darkness and I couldn’t move my dream body.
I woke up again and knew I could go back to try again but I had to get up for work!

Maybe I will try again tonight.

30th November 2018

This image was inspired from a dream I had last night. I was in Portugal with my clients and we were sat around a fire that was contained in an egg shaped wood burner. But as I was staring at the fire I noticed that the fire was coming from a bunch of rose quartz crystals!

At this point I realised I was dreaming and just sat there watching them burn and glow. They would also produce a sweet scent and I could feel their warmth.