October Lucid Dreams During 2010-2011

2nd October 2010

I felt sleep paralysis but I didn’t struggle though, I relaxed and wanted to see what would happen, I could see images, I was being pushed down a long corridor in the dark, suddenly as I began to think of bad things I was speeding down the corridor so fast, my heart was beating and I could hear a man screaming.

15th October 2010

I dreamt of world war 2, skinheads, dreamt of my girlfriend but she was very old and had a metal pole coming out from her chest, as if she was held together by a metal structure .She was pulling wrinkles from her body over her head, but I still felt the sense of love towards her, and once I woke up and actually saw her again I was really happy.

18th October 2010

Dreamt of a random girl on my Art course who I haven’t seen for a month, and weirdly I saw her the day after this dream.

Anyways I was at a local seaside area, and there were huge crowds everywhere. I looked in the sky and there was huge amounts of smoke and fire above us, people were panicking and I was trying to look for my girlfriend.

I couldn’t see her so I flew about 20 ft in the air, people were watching me, I finally saw my girlfriend and appeared next to her and hugged her. We were happy and then I woke up. In my next dream I was inside a computer game with my girlfriend and some random guy. We were just shooting each other friendly, but then all of a sudden the level transformed into a basement and we started throwing axes and knives and everything else at each other, suddenly it felt real and I was scared to get hit I saw someones body being sliced with an axe multiple times, I was in a stairway with my girlfriend and told her to stay behind me.

Every time I peered around the corner the guy would throw an axe into the wall, barely missing me. I then prayed that I would dodge his next throw and kill him, I dodged his next throw and then suddenly threw a kitchen knife into his heart, it only went into him a little though, so I prayed it would go deeper and kill him.

He fell to the floor and was shaking, as I walked over to him he grabbed my foot and said, I’m not dead. I got freaked out and woke up.

I then dreamt of playing a computer game in my old room in my old house, it was the most complicated tv i have ever seen with so many options.

Its weird and frustrating, in a lot of my dreams lately I have realised I’m dreaming and want to become lucid, but my mind doesn’t seem AWAKE enough to activate lucidity.

19th October 2010

I had a sleep paralysis lucid dream, I felt myself enter the dream, my eyes were closed and all I could see is black, but then I felt myself awake in this black area and I felt the rush of running and could here my steps. I ran as fast as I could and imagined the happiest thing to appear before me, suddenly an animation of a cartoon overweight boy running is playing, it makes me laugh and everything in my mind speeds up. I see a cartoon dog digging in a garden and then imagine myself digging, the cartoon speeds up as i dig.

I appear in a room, I’m sat on the floor and everything is black and white. There is a tv on the floor, I’m worried that something will crawl out of the tv (the ring girl..forgot her name). I look at my hands and they begin to snap backwards and bend in horrible ways, I feel this happening and panic a little I realise its because I’m entering sleep paralysis, I cant control my body or my breathing.

I fell through the floor gently and woke up.

As I woke up, I could still see my dream in the room, its as if my eyes are projectors, projecting the dream into the room, I see a cartoon dog on my floor rolling around laughing.

I was involved in a huge murder plot, its very hard to explain what exactly was going on, but there was a man who was ran over in a car, his body parts were still on the road, he was there for two weeks, suddenly a near by swimming pool full of people bursts and the streets are now rivers with people floating in.

20th October 2010

Dreamt I was in a nightclub, very surreal, saw lots of people I know, but all the time I knew I must be dreaming, but couldn’t control anything.

21st October 2010

Dreamt I was at my parents house in the back garden drinking, I remember awaking the next morning and sneaking away with my girlfriend, we were on bikes, speeding away
into town (which is where i live now…which is weird). In another dream i was running and said I know I’m dreaming, but i got sleep paralysis……I’ve noticed I have become aware in my dreams a lot lately once I’m running, but it never strengthens the dream, it always turns the dream into something bad, I need to start using my spin technique again.

Dreamt of zombies once again, I was in a 4 player computer game, I was in a wheelchair with a hosepipe and was squirting zombies with water.
I fell about 100 meters through a roof onto the floor of a shopping mall. Zombies followed me, it was like a waterfall of zombies falling from above, but I never got surrounded.

At times the faces of zombies would flash from their original face then back to a zombie.

25th October 2010

Cut my hand, lots of blood, I peeled back the skin to see the flesh, I could see every muscle in detail and I said “so this is the hand that I draw with”

I was in a mall scared I thought that thinking different was a crime so I hid in a shop. Then a really old friend who i haven’t seen in 6 years says its okay to think different.

I dreamt that I finished reading my lucid dreaming book!

26th October 2010

I had a weird lucid dream, I was in a area near my grandads and was running. I spat out water from my mouth, it froze in mid air. I said this is just another way of existing.

I found a car and drove as fast as I could trying to run over people. I saw a car wreck and wondered who it was, I saw a pick up truck and a body on the back driving away. I started to fly to see who it was, as i got closer I saw it was my best friend, he was staring down and bleeding allover, he moved his arm so I was glad he was alive but then I saw his knee and it was mangled to pieces.

I then switched to another dream….I was basically in a state of sleep but I knew I was awake.

All I could see is black , so I imagined myself diving through clouds heading towards earth, and it actually happened…I was falling so fast it was amazing.
The next part of a dream I was on the top of some steps on a boat, I tried to jump of and fly again but instead I just slammed into the floor breaking my wrist.

I used spin techniques in these dreams and they worked, the dreams would suddenly burst with detail and color.

27th October 2010

Had a fight with someone, we were really balanced and it felt like I was basically fighting myself..which I probably was…but then I used that to my advantage and ended up winning.

29th October 2010

I was at a rich mansion with people, amazing swimming pools and amazing views from them. I was also touring in France, I went into the top of one building, the room was glass and upside down so it felt like I was falling to earth while in this room, once I lost concentration I fell downwards and into a tube.

30th October 2010

I dreamt of being in a golden river with golden leaves, a beautiful woman was there in an amazing dress.