October Lucid Dreams 2011-2012

2nd October 2011

I had dreams about birth/rebirth and health. I had lucid dreams where I just walked around my city.

8th October 2011

I dreamt that there were 2 other planet Earths and they were going to collide with ours. Also dreamt of a relative being ill and dying.

22nd October 2011

Dreamt a lot about food and then telling my family I had become a vegetarian.

24th October 2011

I was lucid and walking around but couldn’t see very well, so I pretended that I needed to wear glasses to see properly.

I kept saying the word glasses and when I did the scene would become sharper and come into focus.

25th October 2011

While dreaming I created a quote, I said “Life gives us the chance to dream in detail”

It kind of made sense at the time, I know I could tweak it to work better but that’s what I actually said.

31st October 2011

I dreamt about a lot of paintings, I’m not sure if I was in a gallery or if they were my own.