The Creator of Divine Worlds

This piece began the same way as many of my works, just a simple sketch. I was playing with a 3D sculpture I had created in Z brush, I took it into photoshop and an hour later I had a sketch piece that was looking okay but was nothing special. I decided to leave it for a few days and maybe come back to it another time.

During that session I repeatedly heard the phrase ‘God wields a paintbrush’ in my mind, which inspired me to paint a god like being. so I decided to take the sketch further, I wanted to create a portrait with character and something that was beyond this world. The exaggerated facial features helped achieve that. It resembles a human, but not one
you would find walking on the street!

I kept pushing this piece and started to introduce some new things that I had learned in Z brush, mainly nanomeshing, this created striking 3D shapes and particles and allowed for some interesting ways to apply texture and detail.

Once I introduced the hand and the paintbrush the piece really started to flow well, the original inspiration ‘God wields a paintbrush’ was now on display in front of me, but I felt something was missing. What was this God creating? I crafted some ornamental designs to add more detail to the being and through some experimentation placed some of my landscape paintings inside the gaps that appeared. Almost like pictures inside a picture frame.

I felt this was getting closer to what I wanted to bring out, this guy was the creator of worlds. So with this idea I decided I wanted to display all of my landscape pieces I have
created over the years onto one single canvas.

The purpose of this painting was to capture an imagined being who channels the landscapes and dreamscapes that I bring into reality.

This is a portrait of imagination at work. To view the piece up close you can see a variation of landscapes ranging from crystal scapes, spirit trees, volcanic rocks and swirling galaxies. When viewed from far away they appear as jewels encrusted on the dome of the divine imagination.

All of the landscapes in this piece were created either from a flash of inspiration, a free flowing speed painting or a meditative gaze on a landscape or dreamscape.

I am in awe when I experience the powers of creation, imagination, and inspiration, this painting is a dedication to the creative force that give me true fulfillment in life.

Thanks for looking!

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