Navigating the realms of light

Navigating the realms of light

I have been shaping up on my knowledge of lucid dreaming and am once again using it as a source of artistic inspiration

In a single moment of dream time, my visual perception witnessed a vast luminous landscape, I managed to stare at the scenery for a good amount of time without losing focus.

I was able to do this because of a great insight I read the night before in the book ” Are you dreaming” When we project our vision of an imaginary world, each moment of dream time is actually an entirely new rendering of that previously imagined scene, which is why it can be hard to stablise dream perception and environments.
If our focus and attention shifts so does the dream….so in this dream I managed to keep a very stable image of this vast, luminous shimmering world pictured in this painting…. which was very inspiring to say the least!

I also realised while painting, that by entering a similar state of mind and consciously rendering this landscape, I am still able to maintain the lucidity of this imaginary world, it is permanently burned into my mind! What I have created with this piece is now a semi-permanent portal for other peoples consciousness to navigate through.
Enjoy :D!

If you are interested in learning more about lucid dreaming, I highly recommend the book “Are you dreaming” by Daniel Love, it really is proving to be a insightful resource for my own experiments 🙂

And if you are interested in learning about digital painting you can take a look at my “essentials of digital painting” course I have developed here. ( I am also in the stages of developing a lucid dreaming for artists course which just keeps getting better!)