September Lucid Dreams 2013-2014

5th September 2013

I had a cool dream where I lived in my new house…it was filled with great paintings and I had a pet Cheetha who acted as the security guard protecting my work.

12th September 2013

I have just bought a few Leonardo Da Vinci books, along time ago I had a crazy OBE where I met Da Vinci…I am not saying he was the real thing, I simply perceived my projected conception of the man. This at the time was very convincing, I also met Picasso but he didn’t want to talk to me.

Anyways Da Vinci was showing me awesome paintings and how he achieved such sophisticated effects through many many layers of paint. But the one thing that really stood out is that he gave me a painting to look at and said “if there is one thing to take away from this experience, it would be this” I was semi conscious at that point and wasnt paying much attention, I started to lose focus and everything was going white.

Then I suddenly snapped into a very lucid state and realised I had to know what it was he was showing me, I said I need to go back and see him, I ended straight back in the same room and he was still holding the painting. In the painting it looked like Jesus was leaving his body, I said can you explain to me what this is, and all Da Vinci said was ” The head of Zeus, the body of Jesus”

A very surreal experience that I have not yet really explored!
I should be doing some Da Vinci studys real soon

15th September 2013

I had the best astral/lucid dreams they were 1 to 1.

I was at a workshop with Alex and Allyson Grey.

The workplace took place in my old house,  Laurence Caruana and Alex were looking around at the artworks on my walls.

Next we did a prayer and Alex had drawn a hand praying so fast. People started choosing amazing new pieces to work with.
I had to leave for an hour when I came back most people were nearly finished, I had a lot of work to do.

Alex showed me the amazing pictures I could base my work on, I chose one but thought it was lacking something….it needed the prayer he had created before!