Learn the essentials of digital painting

Create inspiring visionary art!

  • Are you creative?

    Expand your current artistic skills by learning the essentials of digital painting.

  • Do you love digital art?

    Learn to create your very own digital artworks!

  • Would you love to learn how to create your own digital visionary art?

    Create inspiring artwork to share with the world

This is your amazing opportunity to start creating your own digital visionary Art!

  • Learn online or offline

    My courses are designed with state of the art course software, study online and download the material to learn offline in PDF format.

  • Self study

    You can start and complete the course at your own convenience!

  • Promotion and group galleries

    Your work will be promoted via my social media groups and will be a part of an online group gallery.

  • Perfect for beginners

    This course was designed to guide those who have little or no experience in creating digital art.

In this course you will learn!

  • How to confidently navigate Photoshop
  • About the brushes, colouring and layers
  • How to use blending modes
  • How to turn traditional line drawings into digital art
  • Techniques for painting with light
  • The art of creating your own mandalas
  • How to create your own brushes
  • How to turn everyday objects into paintings
  • Photo manipulation skills
  • How to start and finish a painting
  • How to paint from life
  • How to use custom brushes in your work
  • How to paint with the lasso tool
  • How to create an effective composition
  • Tips on colour
  • Basics of using references
  • Understanding values
  • Building your creative confidence
  • Tips, tricks and much more!

I am going to include all of this!

  • 150 pages of downloadable tutorials
  • Over 5 hours of narrated video tutorials
  • Free Photoshop shapes & brushes
  • 9 in depth Modules to learn online or offline
  • Graduation certificate
  • Technical support and access to a private facebook group
  • Free promotion of your work in the gallery!
  • 5 packs of psychedelic stock imagery for free!
  • Worksheets and PSD files.
  • And much more!


Thanks for all the help Louis, none of this would have been possible without you!

Thanks Louis! Your teaching course actually helped me. The mandala lessons were very helpful!

Are you ready to create amazing digital art?

Join me on this journey of creative expression and vision manifestation!

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You will need a PC or a laptop to access the course material.

For this e-course you will need a copy of Adobe Photoshop, you can download a 30 day free trial here

I recommend using a graphics tablet for this e-course, the Wacom graphics tablet are an excellent choice.