Rules and regulations for using my artworks.

Thank you very much for enjoying my artworks, here I have laid out the rules and conditions for using my artworks online. If you are still unsure if you can use my work then please contact me to discuss your intentions.

Can I use your artworks?

This depends entirely on your intentions and the application of the artwork. To put it simply, you may not use my work for commercial application without my consent or a license.

Fair Use

If you are creating an essay, a presentation or educational workshop or lecture. Then yes you may use my work as long as you credit myself and my website with something along the lines of: Artwork by Louis Dyer –

Limited Website Use

You can also use my artwork on your personal website, you may not use my work on a commercial website without my permission or a license.

If you are using my art on your personal website, again a credit and a link back to my website would be required.
Artwork by Louis Dyer –

Social Media

You can post and share my work on social media websites on personal accounts, you must not promote commercial products or services in conjunction with my work, unless approved by myself personally or through the purchase of a license.

When can I not use your artworks?

By now you should have a good idea of when you are and not allowed to use my work but if your still unsure refer to the list below or send me an email directly:

Any personal business or commercial promotion

You may not use my work for business cards, flyers, websites, videos, social media posts, posters and any form of promotion for your personal business or commercial products without my consent or a license.

Art prints.

You may not simply save my work and print and reproduce it, this creates inferior products and detracts from my income as a independent artist, please support me directly.


Again using my work for clothing is not allowed.

CD’s, DVD’s and Book Covers

Do not use my work on CD’s, DVD’s or book covers without purchasing a license. Also feel free to commission me for these services, I would be happy to work with you!