I admit that I have been over doing it lately. In between client work, my online school and developing my personal artworks I have been finding little or no time for breaks. I normally start work around 10am ( the plus side of working from home!) and then finish working around 1-2 am. It’s safe to say I work at least 14 hours a day on average.

It’s nearly impossible for me to separate myself from my work, even if I am away from the laptop, I have my phone that keeps me connected which can be a love / hate relationship. I have started to lose weekends as Sundays are spent planning and preparing content for the rest of the week.

I love my work so this is tolerable, but this can only go on for so long right?

After a few weeks I have started to feel the cracks showing, the eye strain and constant headaches are not pretty.

So this is why I recently discovered the importance of taking proper breaks. This means actually shutting down the computer and making an effort to go outside and get away from the studio.

Last weekend I managed to paint outside, catch some sun, play games and admire the country side, including some roaming chickens (who seemed to think my camera was food!)

It was during this time where I started to forget about money and the ever growing client to-do lists. Recent trips to museums, bookshops and just immersing myself in beautiful landscapes have all provided me with inspiration and that much needed escape from reality. (heaven knows I need it now I am sober!)

Taking a step back also gave me a new perspective on where I am going with my career and helped cleared my mind.

The mountain of work before me seems to just keep growing, so from here on out I will be separating myself from my work for at least 2 days a week.

This will also give me more energy and focus during the week and will ensure that the quality of my work is to the best of my ability!
So if you have been feeling the strain recently, try and take a real break for a change, you will definitely feel better for it!