License visionary art

Louis has an extensive catalogue of visionary art and designs that are ready to be used for your business or products such as books, banners and advertising.
Pieces are currently available on a non exclusive license lasting 2 years.

Or you can commission a bespoke piece here.

Advertising and online use

Purchase a license to use my work online for advertising or social media and website banner design.

Speed paintings £75 for 2 years

Speed painting piece example

Refined Visionary art £150 for 2 years

An example of a more refined piece

CD, DVD & Book Covers

Purchase a license to use my work as your CD, DVD or book cover design. For an additional £100 I can create a bespoke design for you.

£250 per piece per cover (2 year time restriction removed)

An example of my work used as a CD and book cover design.

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