My app will begin development soon!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are having a wonderful day so far, I wanted to let you in on some new projects developing right now.

Last night I received my first paid sign up to the gold collective and we have around 20 members signed up for the free collective. That’s way better than I had expected, especially since I have yet to properly craft the sales page and outline all the cool benefits and features you get for joining the gold membership. It’s exciting to see this take off!

So anyway, right now I am very busy adding new works to the collective and updates to the website, I want to add a new notebook section where I share my original sketches that led to big refined artworks.

I also am adding new clothing, house decor and print products to my store, I just need to add shipping options and then the store will be ready to launch!

There will then be a licensing store where you can purchase my work for use on book covers, albums and so on.

I then have some VR 360 gallery experiences that I want to share with just the collective members, like a private virtual exhibition!

And finally, my goal is to turn into an app experience. That way you can stay connected via your phone without having to log into the desktop version of my site to see my new content.

To be honest I feel there is something nice about having to log into a website that isn’t available on your phone at any time, but I understand people like convenience.

The one thing I really like is the possibility of you getting a notification on your phone if I upload a new artwork to this space, I think that could be awesome.

I will keep you updated with it’s development.

Thank you all so much for your support <3

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